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Justice League Snyder Cut: New Trailer Teased, Has 6 Chapters & An Epilogue

His grand vision for the DC Extended Universe is finally coming to fruition. The Snyder Cut is happening. Zack Snyder recently confirmed that a new black and white trailer for the Justice League is coming very soon. The details regarding the trailer remained a mystery until now. We finally have some good news. Snyder not only teased the trailer but also told us what his vision for the DCEU movie would be like. Zack Snyder’s Justice League will have 6 separate chapters. The episodic format will also include an epilogue of sorts. This is how Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to pan out.

It was reported earlier that HBO Max wanted a four part mini-series for the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder is confident that the platform will eventually pave way for the movie to be released in six parts. It will also include a concluding arc, the contents of which remain a mystery.

Snyder claims that the movie was constructed in a way that gives out the story if only broken down into six parts, not anything lesser than that. Maybe that is why he is lobbying for further breaking down of the 4 part miniseries. The “Chaptered Concept” is certainly not new to the movie making industry but it is surely unorthodox as far as Zack Snyder’s career is concerned. He has never tried it before and the level of confidence he exhumes that he will be able to pull it off in the first attempt makes us believe in him.

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Zack Snyder was even confident enough to say that if he had been given a choice, he would opt for the movie to be released in IMAX Screens. The movie will be shown in black and white. the stills that Snyder shares on Vero are colorless stills so it makes sense. The HBO Max version will obviously not be a black and white version.

The trailer is claimed to be the same as the DC FanDome sneak peek. So there’s nothing to be viewed here. There are rumors that Zack Snyder has hidden some details within the new trailer that eagle eyed fans will be able to find out. The teaser was teased along with Snyder’s new post on Vero.

You can see the official post here.

The movie reportedly even has a reference to Robin, the seemingly dead superhero sidekick whose costume hangs in the Bat Cave. It’s supposed to show the world Batman’s greatest failure. The movie will show us what Robin actually meant to Batman. Bruce Wayne will reveal several details regarding Robin’s fate in a drunken stupor, if Snyder is to be believed. He revealed that on a Podcast called The Vodka Stream he was invited to.

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The trailer breakdown will be done by Snyder as well right after it is released. There’s so much to talk about. We will hold our horses until the teaser releases. It’s a matter of a few hours. And to be frank, we cannot wait. All hail the Snyder Cut!!

Source: TheFilmJunkee

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