Justice League: Zack Snyder Spoils His Plans for DCEU’s “Avengers Assemble” Moment


Zack Snyder’s DCEU is quite different from MCU, and that’s one of the greatest qualities of it. But, it’s also safe to say that there are bound to be a few similarities. After all, these two universes are about superheroes and their unification. Snyder recently revealed a few storyboards of his Justice League 2 and 3 plans. Those plans showed us how his DCEU would have also involved a defeat at the hands of the main villain, a 5-year time jump, a time travel resolution, and the ultimate sacrifice of a billionaire. But along with that, we would have seen DCEU’s big “Avengers Assemble” level union as well.

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Kevin Feige said that the entirety of the Infinity Saga was paving the road for Avengers: Endgame’s “Avengers Assemble” moment. It certainly was one of the greatest cinematic moments of all time. It involved several superheroes, sorcerers, Asgardians, other aliens, and Wakandans. Apparently, we were supposed to get one of these gigantic army scenes in the finale of Snyder’s DCEU.

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Since WB has no plans to greenlight Justice League 2 and 3 yet, Snyder has been talking at length about what would have happened in his future DCEU films. While speaking with New York Times, here’s what he had to say about the finale of his narrative:

“It’s the fall of Earth when Superman succumbs to anti-life. And then sending the Flash back in time to change one element so that doesn’t happen. And then the big battle where we beat him. When [the villain] Darkseid comes to Earth, in the movie that you’ll never see, the armies of Earth all unite again, as they did before. This time there would be aircraft carriers and Special Forces guys, all the armies of the world would come together, as well as [Aquaman’s fellow] Atlanteans rising out of the ocean and the Themyscirans [Wonder Woman’s compatriots] coming off their island. That was our big finale. But it’s a long drum roll and a guitar solo to get there.”


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As it can be seen in the history lesson of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the tribes of Men, Atlanteans, Amazons, Green Lantern, and the Old Gods fought together against Uxas and his army. The battle in DCEU’s finale would have also involved all the defenders of Earth. Atlanteans, Amazons, armies of land, the Justice League, Green Lantern Corps., certain villains, and several other heroes would have joined the battle against Darkseid’s Apokoliptan army. It’s sad that Snyder’s vision wasn’t fully realized. Or else people would have seen that it was nothing short of MCU’s grandeur. People have been raving about Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the early reactions. Let’s hope that this positive reception will lead to the restoration of Snyderverse.





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