Justice League – Every Future DCEU Project The Snyder Cut Could Get Greenlit


Zack Snyder’s Justice League is just over a month away from us and the hype around this film is surreal. The final marketing campaign hasn’t even begun yet, and it’s still trending on Twitter with just the pictures that Snyder keeps sharing. Even the people who weren’t very fond of the original DCEU are excited to see the Snyder Cut. It is more than just a regular movie. The fact that the Snyder Cut is happening signifies a certain victory of fans over Studio politics. Just like Superman’s “S,” the Snyder Cut is a symbol of hope. Every fan of the original DCEU is hoping that the upcoming Justice League movie could start a revolution.

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As of now, it’s just supposed to be a one and done thing. We’re just supposed to watch this film, and then Snyder would move on. But it’s fair to say that this version of Justice League has beaten on odds till now. Still, a major battle is yet to be won. And that battle is for critical acclaim and commercial success. There’s no denying the fact that it will be better than the JOSStice League. But will it actually be good? Secondly, it has to pull in subscribers for HBO Max no matter what. If the Snyder Cut turns out to be a commercial success, then it could be the lone ranger that restores the old DCEU. Here’s every canceled project that could get greenlit with the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League:

The Batman

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Ben Affleck’s The Batman was the project that Warner Bros. originally planned before Matt Reeves came in. After the Snyder Cut’s announcement, rumors suggested that Ben Affleck is already onboard with HBO Max for a Batman series. But recently, Deadline reported that he is set to direct a live-action adaptation of the bestselling book series “Keeper of the Lost Cities” for Disney. So, the rumor about the Batfleck HBO Max series might not be true.

But once Zack Snyder’s Justice League redeems Batman, HBO Max and Affleck could come to a new deal. We’d love it if Affleck’s incomplete Batman project were to be revived. Batman vs. Deathstroke was a very interesting premise. It felt like an even bigger missed opportunity when Joe Manganiello revealed the plot details of the project. So, we really hope that the original Batfleck project will be greenlit soon.


Man of Steel 2

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Besides Cyborg, it was Superman who had to face the most injustice in the theatrical release. He had a lot more to do in the film than just show up with a weird fake baby mouth. And Zack Snyder’s Justice League will showcase all that. We’ve all been hoping to see a Man of Steel sequel since forever. But Warner Bros. is busy developing other projects featuring Superman. They’ve come up with multiple animated Superman movies, and now Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has also got his exclusive series.


But WB hasn’t been using their best Superman option at all. Instead of giving Henry Cavill his due diligence, they are trying to use him for cameos and supporting roles in films like Shazam! Fury of the Gods and others. Hopefully, Justice League will make WB realize that they need to fast track a Man of Steel sequel.

Justice League 2 (and 3)

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Zack Snyder was going for a 5 movie arc that would have ended with Justice League 3. But he has confirmed that there are no plans for him to return and make a DC movie after the Snyder Cut. That could change if his Justice League produces results. HBO Max or Warner Bros. might be forced to complete his ultimate vision.

Snyder had some very elaborate plans with Darkseid, Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and several other characters. Superman was supposed to succumb to the anti-life equation. Meanwhile, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Deathstroke, and other characters were supposed to take a stand in the Knightmare future. All that could once again become a reality if Snyder’s Justice League prevails on HBO Max.




Besides The Batman, Joe Manganiello was supposed to star in a solo Deathstroke origins movie which was going to be directed by Gareth Evans. But the project got canceled after Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck parted ways with Warner Bros. With Slade Wilson’s return in the Snyder Cut, a Deathstroke solo project could possibly get revived as an HBO Max mini-series, or as a feature-length theatrical release.


A Joker Project / Suicide Squad (The Ayer Cut)

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Everyone knows that Jared Leto wasn’t given his fair share of the spotlight to shine in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. All his footage ended up on the editing room floors and the version of Suicide Squad we saw was heavily meddled with. Then instead of his solo Joker movie, Warner Bros. chose Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. So with Joker’s appearance in the Snyder Cut, Jared Leto might get a chance to shine. He may not get to return as Joker in a solo project, but the Ayer Cut could surely get a boost of confidence.

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I haven’t mentioned the Cyborg project because both Warner Bros. and Ray Fisher may not want to work with each other. But having mentioned all the other possibilities, I’d like to conclude that the Snyder Cut has a huge mountain to climb. There are a lot of factors that it has to beat. Considering that it will possibly be rated-R, a whole demographic of fans may not get to watch the film. Its success could also be overshadowed by Godzilla vs. Kong. And after all this, there’s no international release plan for the film till now. So, Snyder Cut’s success will only be measured with the number of subscribers it attracts. That’s why the future of the DCEU still looks tough. But let’s hope for the best.

Which of the aforementioned projects would you like to see if Zack Snyder’s Justice League beats all odds? Tell us in the comments down below.


Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.