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Suicide Squad Ayer Cut To Be Released?

Suicide Squad Ayer Cut To Be Released

The unprecedented update of Snyder Cut release has opened the door for another DCEU’s extended edition. It had been confirmed that Zack Synder’s cut of Justice League would officially release on HBO Max. And what is going to follow Snyder’s cut is another alternative the fans have been craving for. Ever since Suicide Squad released, fans have wanted the Ayer’s cut. And it is coming soon. Or is it?

Is it Just a Rumor? Suicide Squad: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie ...

The Suicide Squad

We must await a confirmation from the studio until then this can only be considered a rumor. As per reports, Warner Bros have initiated discussions to release David’s version of Suicide Squad. On the lines of Zack Synder’s Justice League, it is expected that the new cut would be released on HBO Max to attract subscribers to the newly launched streaming service.

While this would probably be a long way off, fans may get to see what Ayer originally had in mind for Task Force X and Jared Leto’s Joker.

Let us talk about the cut.

David Ayer
David Ayer

A new report from DCEU suggests that it would be easy to finish the cut and considering the minimal investment the studio would be able to make this a reality.

The Synder Cut would need a whopping $30 million to gear it up for a release and may also include reshoots to bring Zack Snyder’s vision to life. On the other hand, David Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad is almost finished and has been shown to test audiences ahead of the theatrical release in 2016. This is an important distinction that could make this a viable project.

The Official Confirmation.

HBO Max Logo
HBO Max to be the streaming partner.

However, the news release isn’t an official confirmation that the “Ayer Cut” is going to release. But the fact that Warner Bros. is reportedly seriously considering it is certainly interesting. As Ayer has hinted on social media in the years since the film was released, his cut featured some wildly different character moments.

You can watch the video below to know what’s more interesting!

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