‘Justice system doesn’t care about male victims’: Fans Outraged After Kevin Spacey Found Not Guilty in Anthony Rapp Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Back in 2017, actor Anthony Rapp in a Buzzfeed News interview, accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct later filing a lawsuit against him in 2020. The lawsuit was filed for $40 million on claims of battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Anthony Rapp claimed that the assaults happened when he was a minor of just 14 years of age, while Kevin Spacey was 26.

Anthony Rapp
Actor Anthony Rapp

However, in recent events, a New York City jury deemed Kevin Spacey not guilty in their verdict. Needless to say, people were not pleased with this outcome and took to the Internet to share their support for Anthony Rapp. Many even claim that the justice system is simply not built for male victims of assault.

Kevin Spacey Free of the Blame

American actor and producer, Kevin Spacey.
Actor and producer, Kevin Spacey.

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After a three-week trial and a two-hour-long discussion, the New York City jury came to a unanimous conclusion that the Baby Driver actor was not liable for molestation or battery. This decision was made after Anthony Rapp’s lawyers supposedly failed to make a convincing enough argument in their client’s favor. Judge Lewis Kaplan formally dismissed the case after the jury’s decision.

Kevin Spacey might be free of all the claims made by Rapp but the victory can only be called ‘short-lived’ as he currently faces four other counts of sexual misconduct. Although he pleaded not guilty, the trial for this is set to begin on June 06, 2023. The actor is also expected to pay a hefty sum of $31 million to MRC, a production company, for breaching his House of Cards contract.

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People Stand with Anthony Rapp

Spacey in Netflix's House of Cards.
Kevin Spacey in Netflix’s House of Cards.

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In the lawsuit filed by Rapp, he claimed that Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him at a party at Spacey’s house. He claimed that while at the party, he went to a different room to watch TV and that is where the alleged assault happened.

People took to social media to voice their opinions, which largely varied from what the jury decided. People were disgusted by how Spacey’s attorney tried to discredit the #MeToo movement. They stated that although Rapp was incredibly brave to raise his voice, the justice system failed him, along with the many other alleged victims of Spacey. Rapp’s supporters said that they couldn’t believe the injustice towards the Rent actor since more than 30 men have come forward against Kevin Spacey. They blame it on the justice system’s incapability of understanding that male victims of sexual assaults are still victims.



Even though Spacey walked out of the case as not guilty, Rapp’s actions gave hope to many other alleged victims, which led to them coming out and raising their voices against Spacey, including eight crew members of House of Cards. With Spacey currently attempting to make a comeback in Hollywood, it certainly won’t be easy for him to regain his reputation in the industry.


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