Kai Cenat’s Ranks Elden Ring’s Most Annoying Bosses and Somehow Misses Out the Most Obvious Contender

The list has raised eyebrows amongst people on social media.

kai cenat, elden ring


  • Kai Cenat recently finished his playthrough of Elden Ring on Twitch.
  • The list has been shared on TikTok, and it has definitely raised some eyebrows.
  • One boss is noticeably absent from the list.
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After Kai Cenat finally finished streaming his full run-through of Elden Ring over on Twitch, he created a list ranking his top five most annoying in-game bosses that have been shared on social media.


However, fans have noticed that the popular streamer has missed out on one of the game’s most notoriously infuriating bosses from this list.

So, Who has Made the List?

elden ring, kai cenat
Kai Cenat listed his top 5 most annoying Elden Ring bosses but missed Radahn.

In the list, which was discussed in a TikTok posted to Cenat’s official account, the streamer listed his top five most infuriating bosses he had to fight during his playthrough.


The list included Malenia, Blade of Miquella, Maliketh, the Black Blade, Mohg, Lord of Blood, Fire Giant, and Godskin Duo.

Most players will agree that these are all very agreeable choices; however, he may have missed out on one very obvious choice, missing out on one of the most agitating bosses in all of Elden Ring, Radahn. Radahn is a Demi-God boss whom players can defeat in order to access the Eternal City. This one boss is notorious for being extremely challenging and infuriating to defeat.


What Do Fans Think of this Elden Ring Listing?

elden ring, kai cenat
The internet is once again divided on whether this list is correct or not.

Fans also had their say in the comments section of TikTok, with one fan commenting that the list was “valid“, but they did mention that the Godskin Duo would be first on their list, while another fan commented on the fact that Kai didn’t use any magic or summons during the whole playthrough, referring to the decision as a “power move“.

Another fan commented on the clearly absent Radahn, claiming that Kai Cenat was lucky not to have to fight the “OG” version of the boss. Others gave the popular streamers other games he should play next, with some suggesting Sekiro and others suggesting Dark Souls 3. It’s clear fans loved the streamer’s playthrough of the game and want to see more.

Other fans made comments about bosses they disagreed with on the list, with one user commenting that the Godskin Duo was “too easy” and they beat them the first time they played, and another claiming that Maliketh was the “best boss“. While another user commented that the fire giant was “low-key easy“.


So, while it is clear that fans seemed to enjoy the streamer’s playthrough, the internet will still remain divided in their opinions on the list. But whether they agree or disagree, beating Elden Ring in the first place is still a massive achievement for any gamer, and many can’t wait to see what the streamer will do next.

Who do you think is the most annoying Elden Ring boss? Let us know in the comments down below.


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