Karl Urban Calls The Boys Season 4 “Craziest Sh*t We Can Legally Put on Your Tubes”

Karl Urban Calls The Boys Season 4 "Craziest Sh*t We Can Legally Put on Your Tubes"
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Fans of The Boys are in delight as production for the fourth installment of the exciting superhero series comes to a close. The showrunner, Eric Kripke, along with the series lead character Karl Urban, has treated the fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes snapshots, creating a buzz of excitement for the upcoming season.

karl urban supes
Karl Urban in The Boys

The marketing team behind the Prime Video series is also pulling all the stops, with the official Twitter handle for the show adding to the excitement by joining in with their own updates.


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Karl Urban Has An Update For The Boys Fans

While fans are already gaga over the news of The Boys getting a new season, the post with Karl Urban and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has something intriguing for the fans in the caption. Although the tweet does not reveal any fresh information about the next season’s storyline, they convey a significant message about the increasingly grim tone of the show. The post reads,

“Just wrapped filmin’ the craziest shit we can legally put on your tubes. Turns out all of these photos tell ya a ton about Season 4…”

Besides, details about Morgan’s character are also a mystery. Still, the image with Karl Urban suggests that he might ally with Billy Butcher in the battle against the Supes rather than siding with Homelander. Moreover, the image shows Morgan dressed in a regular suit alongside Urban, suggesting that he may not be portraying a Supe.

Prime Video's The Boys
Prime Video’s The Boys

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Growing Popularity of The Boys 

The source material for The Boys, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is infamous for its gory content, making it one of the most extreme superhero adaptations to date. Showrunner Eric Kripke isn’t afraid to deviate from the source material, giving his own take to characters and storylines, much to the delight of fans. 

The first two seasons focused on the relentless battle between Butcher and Homelander. In the third season, the series leads were seen working with the US government, which eventually led to another face-off between Butcher and Homelander. With the upcoming season, fans can only speculate about the epic showdown between the Seven and Butcher’s squad.

the boys
The cast of The Boys

Joining Karl Urban and Antony Starr in the fourth season are familiar faces such as Jack Quaid as Hughie, Erin Moriarty as Starlight, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko, Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Tomer Capone as Frenchie, and Cameron Crovetti as Ryan. Additionally, the cast includes Chace Crawford as The Deep and Jessie T. Usher as A-Train. Joining the ensemble is Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an undisclosed character, along with Susan Heyward as Sister Sage and Valorie Curry as Firecracker.

The Boys is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The first season can also be rented or purchased on Google Play, while VUDU has two seasons for renting and buying.

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