‘They’ll burn your entire f*cking family’: Watch Hilarious The Boys Video Showing Karl Urban Educate Kids on Why Supes Will ‘Knock Your Bleeding Face All the Way to China’

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Becoming one of the best parodies/satires of the superhero genre, The Boys has been running for 3 seasons with the 4th one on the way. The show follows the conflict between the superheroes and the vigilantes, as the superheroes have evil and selfish intentions behind their actions.

The Boys
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys.

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The show stars Karl Urban as the vigilante menace Billy Butcher and Antony Starr as the narcissistic Superman called Homelander. It picks up after Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend is obliterated into chucks by a speedster supe known as the A-Train.


The Boys’ wacky sense of humor

The show has become known for an odd sense of humor, including uncomfortable scenes that many may find offensive. The Boys also deals with a lot of social commentaries, retelling recent controversies in the show with its own twist.

The Boys
Anthony Starr as the diabolical Homelander in The Boys.

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Furthermore, it became famous for deconstructing the superhero myth that has become popular since the recent flood of superhero content from DC comics and Marvel. The idea of Superman has been hit the hardest, with Homelander becoming the most irredeemable version of the character possible.


Billy Butcher teaches children about the Supes

In a tweet by The Boys‘ Twitter handle, we see Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher sitting in a classroom with a few kids and teaching them about the dangers of superheroes. The character gets rather graphic while describing what the supes are capable of, he says:

“A supe might walk into the pub you might look at her the wrong way she might just go whoop up your bleedin face all the way to China and if you think that your parents are gonna do something about it, well, you think again… they’ll burn your entire fu**ing family”

The Boys
Jeffery Dean Morgan will be joining The Boys next season.

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Considering the brutality ever present in the show, this teaser might be hinting at a far more gruesome installation. Billy Butcher also referred to a superhero hitting a normal human at superspeed, probably referencing events from the pilot.

All seasons of The Boys are streaming on Prime Video.

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