The Boys Star Erin Moriarty ‘Warns’ Fans With Creepy Season 4 Sneak Peek


The Amazon Original series, The Boys has become infamous for its unchecked violence, display of narcissistic and corrupt super-powered individuals, and its ineffable extent of unbridled chaos. The series which took off in 2019 began with moderate dabbling into the rampant madness that would overtake the subsequent seasons and now that season 3 is finally over, the audience has been warned of more to come.

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The Boys Star Erin Moriarty Shares a BTS Photo of Season 4

The cast and crew of The Boys are hard at work to bring to the screens the series season 4. The story had delved into quite the mess of extravagant bloodbath and controversial subjects in its third season, which was by far the most graphic of them all. However, with new characters muddying the water and old ones going off the rails, the producers are hard at work to deliver an epic saga of the unfolding narrative.

The Boys season 4 has finally begun filming, stars promise it'll be bigger than ever
The Boys season 4 has finally begun filming

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In the meanwhile, however, the series star, Erin Moriarty who plays Starlight has shared a sneak peek into The Boys season 4. As expected, the band is back at it and the star can be seen alongside Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, and Tomer Capone, all huddled together in a dark space. The photo has been captioned “don’t say I didn’t warn you”, making fans go stir crazy thinking of all the possibilities of the upcoming chapter.

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The Boys Season 4 Strives to Aim Higher, Go Darker

The series showrunner, Eric Kripke had previously talked about the pride he takes in the creative liberty afforded to him by Amazon’s platform, something that he felt was inhibited during his experience with the network. The latest season’s infamous Herogasm episode, consequentially, became so graphic that several measures had to be undertaken at the streaming service to regulate the content, but so far nothing has been censored yet.

The Boys season 4 promises to be bigger than ever
The Boys season 4 promises to be bigger than ever

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The series stars have explored a more than fair share of their dosage of madness on the sets of the Amazon original. But recording the upward graph of how exponentially the story has been progressing toward the unhinged aspect of it all, it is not a shot in the dark to say that the series will be going for darker and try and top off the predecessor episodes. And so far, Erin Moriarty has already confirmed those suspicions with a highly telling hashtag implying the scale of the coming harbinger of mayhem that will be the series season 4.

The Boys seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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