The Boys Season 4 Promotes Cameron Crovetti to Series regular, Fuels Fan Speculation That Ryan’s Crucial S4 Role is Killing Homelander

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The Boys Season 4 recent updates confirm that Cameron Crovetti’s Ryan is going to have a more major role in the upcoming season of the hit Amazon Prime series. The third season of the series just ended a month ago after having a fantastic run of eight episodes through the weeks. The finale of the series already predicted a forthcoming character change in Ryan which would prove vital in the upcoming seasons of the series. Now, these reports of Ryan being a series regular suggest that Homelander’s son may get a role even more crucial role than Homelander himself.

Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher.
Cameron Crovetti as Ryan in The Boys

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How is Ryan going to be more important in The Boys Season 4?

Cameron Crovetti regular in The Boys season 4
Cameron Crovetti is to be a series regular in the upcoming season

After a fantastic long run of seven episodes, as The Boys was proceeding with an amazing season finale, we were shocked by an extremely bizarre scene at the ending of episode eight. At the end part of the episode, we saw Homelander introducing his son Ryan to a huge group of the public. From the crowd, one of the members of an anti-Homelander group threw a can at Ryan to which, Homelander mercilessly blew his head with his laser eyes.


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Till this point, it could still be considered normal keeping in mind what we are usually shown in The Boys but the series took an extreme creepy turn when we spot Ryan smiling at that Bloody scene while the crowd cheers for Homelander.

A few moments earlier from this scene only, we saw Ryan choose Homelander among him and Billy Butcher quite contrary to what we saw in the previous season. This not only shows that Ryan can no longer be controlled now but with him being a regular in the next season it also presents Billy Butcher and company against much more deadly forces in the upcoming season as now Homelander is a team with his son.


This has also raised some speculations among the fans that the Cameron Crovetti character may kill off the character played by Antony Starr. But it is also to be remembered that Homelander is the main heart of the series. But on the other hand, this series is popular for not gifting a plot armor to anyone so it is evident that there are several confusions regarding the series so clearly we have to wait for now to get further updates before assuming anything.

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The future of The Boys:

The Boys
The Boys

The future of The Boys currently consists of upcoming seasons of the main show along with the showrunners also announced another Gen-V named show which will focus on a college run by Vought Universal and the students there. Regarding the plot, the story will continue from where we left it off in the previous season but besides that, we don’t have any updates other than some casting news.


It is reported that Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward are joining the show as some brand new additions in The Boys universe.

All the seasons of The Boys can be exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime

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