Karma Strikes Emily Ratajkowski as Marvel Star Harry Styles Breaks Her Heart Months after Her “I don’t really believe in straight people” Comment

Karma Strikes Emily Ratajkowski as Marvel Star Harry Styles Breaks Her Heart Months after Her "I don't really believe in straight people" Comment

American Emily Ratajkowski, who made her film debut with her role as Ben Affleck’s mistress in Gone Girl, found more success in dating A-listers than her Hollywood career. Ranked as one of the new generations of supermodels, Ratajkowski was recently tied to comedian Eric André and singer Harry Styles, but it was One Direction’s singer who broke the beauty’s heart after she remained both, interested and bisexual.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles were spotted kissing in March 2023

Karma Is A Thing, And Harry Styles Doesn’t Wait For Anyone!

Harry Styles, who broke Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ decade-old relationship, was recently involved with Emily Ratajkowski. While the director opted for six packs to get over Styles’ love, the  Watermelon Sugar singer turned out to be the model’s karmic retribution after she friend-zoned Saturday Night Live alum, Pete Davidson.


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Ratajkowski, who filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard amid cheating allegations and his sexual abuse scandal, expressed her desire to date women during an interview, mentioning she’s “waiting for the right girl to date”. When asked if she would date women, Emily replied:


“I would love to. Waiting for the right one to come along. I’ve always been someone who’s more attracted to vibe than specifics of physicality so sometimes it’ll just randomly hit me, and I’ll be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person!’”

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski

The I Feel Pretty actress was spotted kissing the Marvel star in Tokyo in March 2023. The steamy make-out turned out to be a one-night stand for Styles, hitting back. This happened when the As It Was artist visited Japan for two back-to-back Love on Tour shows.

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Emily Ratajkowski Can Never Be Single

Emily Ratajkowski, who was dating Brad Pitt in September 2022 following her divorce from Bear-McClard, went on kissing a mystery man, Orazio Rispo the very next month. But then, she didn’t leave the space for paparazzi to breathe after a source reported that her relationship with Pete Davidson was “going stronger and getting a little more serious.” 

As one wonders how the model managed to develop such strong feelings, a little over a month after their first meeting, another source confirmed that “Their fling has moved into the friend zone,” and the two moved their separate ways. One source, however, explained the situation:


“Em is single and totally happy. She will always prioritize her son but enjoys dating when she has time. She enjoys her independence. She doesn’t have plans to see Pete again.”

Emily Ratajkowski moved their separate ways in December 2022 after a month of dating

After the comedian, came New York artist Jack Greer and comedian Eric André. Previously, an insider claimed that the model’s split from her ex-husband was “unexpected and devastating,” but again, when did flings heal a broken heart?  As Ratajkowski admits that she can’t stay single, it’s high time that the model finds herself a nice, loving lady this time because Harry Styles surely isn’t interested.

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