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Katherine McNamara Talks DC’s Armageddon Crossover & More (EXCLUSIVE)

Katherine McNamara Talks DC's Armageddon Crossover & More

At GalaxyCon, FandomWire’s Editor-In-Chief Reilly Johnson was able to sit down in a virtual chatroom with Arrow actress Katherine McNamara. In August, The CW announced this year’s crossover event will be a 5-part series for The Flash‘s Season 8 featuring the return of Mia Queen as the Green Arrow in Armageddon.

The Flash has been teasing more time travel with the return of the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne as well as Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Nora West-Allen, and the debut of Jordan Fisher’s Bart Allen.

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When asked by Reilly Johnson what to expect from her character in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, Katherine McNamara pointed out she learned more about the event from The CW’s press release than what she has been told so far:

“I can only assume Mia is going to punch a few people in the face, shoot a few arrows, and have a few snarky comments in true Green Arrow fashion.”

Katherine McNamara showed the charm that may have scored her the role of Mia Queen when asked her process in how she chooses her roles:

“Whoever will hire me for the most part.”

She laughed and went on to reveal how gracious she is to have been able to portray the roles she has to this point, especially in her action-filled role as a superhero. Towards the end of the interview, when asked by Johnson what other hero she would like to dawn the role of in the future, McNamara had an interesting answer:

“I almost want to do a supervillain, I love the X-Men universe and that’s been something I’ve always wanted to dive into, there are so many characters there.”

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe potentially teasing the arrival of mutants in the future, maybe we see McNamara in a role sooner rather than later. The combo of attitude and charm that she has mastered in her role as Mia Queen would come in handy for the likes of a fireball like the Brotherhood of Mutants’ BoomBoom, or perhaps a character like Emma Frost.

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