EXCLUSIVE: 8 Cut Concepts From Crisis on Infinite Earths

8 Cut Concepts From Crisis on Infinite Earths
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Crisis on Infinite Earths was a major crossover event for the Arrowverse and it made the world of Oliver Queen ‘Earth-Prime’ whilst also connecting their world to the DCEU.


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It was a monumental moment for The CW‘s Television Universe. However, as much as they filled the 5-part event with fan-service, there was some more they had planned that unfortunately fell to the chopping block and our sources have given the details.


8. Linda Carter as Wonder Woman

8 Cut Concepts From Crisis on Infinite Earths

Linda Carter brought Wonder Woman to life in 1975 through the medium of television. She became an icon and is loved by many fans, whether they’re DC die-hards, Wonder Woman lovers, or general TV-goers.

There were rumors circulating that she was set to make an appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths but, unfortunately, for whatever reason, The CW wasn’t able to bring her on. However, they fully intended to.

7. Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

There were also rumors that Smallville’s Lex Luthor, portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum, was going to appear in the crossover in person. These rumors were true as The CW’s original script for the event had him involved.


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However, much like with Linda Carter, they couldn’t bring him on, whether it was due to budget, scheduling conflicts, or otherwise. Nonetheless, they did get Smallville’s Superman and Lois Lane, so it wasn’t a complete loss on their part.

6. Diggle as Green Lantern

Fans of Arrow have been begging The CW for Diggle, played by David Ramsey, to become Green Lantern at some point. It’s been an ongoing joke and a genuine want from the fanbase.


They intended to finally give the viewers what they wanted in Crisis on Infinite Earths but, unfortunately, this was cut for whatever reason. Ramsey was intended to bring an elseworld Jon Stewart to life.

5. Titans Were Supposed To Have A Bigger Cameo

8 Cut Concepts From Crisis on Infinite Earths

DC Universe’s Titans had a very brief cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it connected the two and proved that they are all part of the same multiverse, with Arrowverse being Earth-Prime.

However, in the original script, the Titans were supposed to play a bigger role. Why this was cut is unknown and just the extent of how much larger their cameo would’ve been is up in the air.


4. The CW Intended For Tom Welling To Suit Up

8 Cut Concepts From Crisis on Infinite Earths

Rosenbaum didn’t turn up for Crisis on Infinite Earths but Tom Welling and Erica Durance did. It was revealed that, since Smallville’s finale, Tom had hung up the cape and given up his powers.

Originally, The CW wanted him to be in the spandex costume, but the actor protested and, as such, we got the version in the event that we did.

3. They Wanted More DCEU Stars

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin, who both play The Flash in the DCEU and Arrowverse respectively, crossed over at long last, coming face-to-face with one another.


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What was originally intended in the script was for more of the movie characters to do the same, but for what is likely both scheduling and budgetary reasons, they couldn’t fulfill this. Nonetheless, Ezra was enough to connect the two universes.

2. Michael Keaton as Batman

Michael Keaton, who more recently brought Vulture to life in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Morbius, also played Batman back in the 1980s. The CW managed to rope in Kevin Conroy but they couldn’t quite get Keaton.


Whilst there was a cut newspaper clipping showing that he had married Catwoman, The CW originally intended for him to appear in full, but that didn’t work out in the end.

1. Nicholas Cage as Superman

Nicholas Cage nearly played Superman at one point in time, even going as far as to try on the costume before filming. It’s a hilarious tale that’s as eccentric as Michael Jackson nearly portraying Spider-Man.

The CW wanted to bring this to life once and for all but, for whatever reason, this didn’t happen and Nicholas Cage’s Superman, yet again, did not see the light of day.


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