“Keanu deserves a good rest”: John Wick 4 Star May Have Accidentally Revealed Keanu Reeves Won’t be in John Wick 5

Ian McShane's Honest Assessment of Keanu Reeves' Potential Return to John Wick 5.

"Keanu deserves a good rest": John Wick 4 Star May Have Accidentally Revealed Keanu Reeves Won't be in John Wick 5


  • Keanu Reeves' portrayal of John Wick gained immense popularity as it changed the action genre forever.
  • Ian McShane shares how he feels about Keanu Reeves returning to John Wick 5 after the emotional ending of the 4th film.
  • Lionsgate does not want to say goodbye to Keanu Reeves from his John Wick franchise.
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There’s no denying that Keanu Reeves has been fantastic in and as John Wick. As fans know the film tells the tale of a hitman coming out of retirement after a group of Russian gangsters broke into his house, stole his car, and killed his dog, which happened to be the last connection to his deceased wife. What followed the death of Wick’s dog, Daisy was pure vengeance as he embarked on a journey to avenge his dog.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Keanu Reeves as John Wick

The saga which began in 2014 changed the action genre, as the films were immensely successful at the box office. The success led to 4 massively successful film sequels. However, Ian McShane believes that Keanu Reeves will not return in John Wick 5, and he should take a deep and long rest.

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Ian McShane Breaks The Hearts of The John Wick Fans

Ian McShane, who is renowned for portraying the role of Winston Scott in the John Wick franchise and the prequel series The Continental was asked by Screen Rant about the John Wick 5 reports, the veteran actor gave his honest opinion stating that Keanu Reevesdeserves a good rest as long as he wants.

Ian McShane as Winston Scott
Ian McShane as Winston Scott

Moreover, he feels that his co-star has carried the universe for so long that he must take time to “rise from his grave” or “wherever he sleeps.

“I think Keanu deserves a good rest as long as he wants. I spoke to him the other day, he’s resting for a while after the beating he’s taken over the last 10 years from all the assassins of the world. Let him rest until he decides to rise from his grave once again, or wherever he sleeps, because really, I’m his father, and he’s the vampire. So, I’m Vlad, The Impaler. [Laughs] There’s a whole horror film to be made out of this. Everything can zoom into something else. There’s no rules.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 received critical acclaim when it released this year
A still from John Wick: Chapter 4

Nevertheless, fans have stayed divided over the ending of the fourth film, and some fans wonder if a fifth film should even be considered. However, Lionsgate confirmed that a fifth film will take place and Keanu Reeves will be a part of it.


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Lionsgate Confirms Keanu Reeves Will Be Featured in John Wick 5

While Ian McShane shares his opinion of how Keanu Reeves should not return for the 5th film, Lionsgate Motion Pictures is committed to having the actor for another sequel. During an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, Chad Stahelski shared that if he asked Reeves for a fifth film, he’d immediately say yes, showcasing his love for the character and franchise.

A still from John Wick: Chapter 4
A still from John Wick: Chapter 4

“Yeah, Keanu and I have talked. Keanu, if you ask him right now, ‘Would you do John Wick 5?’ He’d be, ‘F**k yeah!’ But then he’d look and go, ‘Well, what is it? I have no f**king idea.’”

But that’s not all as Joe Drake, the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chair told Deadline that they are not ready to part ways with Keanu Reeves from the immensely popular franchise just yet.


“We’re not ready to say goodbye to Keanu with this franchise. It’s what alternative there will be.”

While nothing has been officially confirmed that the actor will return or not in the fifth film, in the meantime, fans can see more of John Wick in Ana De Armas’ spin-off, Ballerina from the same universe.

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John Wick: Chapter 4 can be rented on Apple TV.


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