‘It’s the coolest shit I’ve ever seen’: Keanu Reeves Reveals Why BRZRKR is Getting Anime and Movie Adaptation, Confirms He’s an Anime Weeb

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When Keanu Reeves was younger, he had a transient understanding of what an anime was although he would sit and watch an episode or two. During his time with the Wachowskis filming The Matrix, the actor gained a deeper appreciation of the art and philosophy behind works such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. In fact, Reeves was so influenced by the medium that he went on to create his very own comic book issue titled BRZRKR. It went on to become the biggest seller in the last decade.

Keanu Reeves comic book to be adapted into movie and anime series
Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic is set to be adapted into a movie and anime series by Netflix

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The comic which is now being adapted into a live-action movie as well as an anime series by Netflix was created by Keanu Reeves as a 12-issue series in collaboration with writer Matt Lindt, the graphics were contributed by Ron Garney, and the series was published by Boom! Studios.

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All There is To Know About Keanu Reeves x Netflix Collab

In the spring of 2021, Netflix made an announcement that skittered a lot of hearts and sent fans running home to mark their calendars in emboldened red. According to the legendary John Wick actor, his comic book series, BRZRKR, is now being made into a live-action movie by Netflix that will feature him in the lead followed by at least a 2-season anime series on the same streaming platform.

Keanu Reeves to star as the lead in BRZRKR live-action film
Keanu Reeves to star as the lead in BRZRKR live-action film

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Keanu Reeves will return to work on the script of the film along with screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, best known for his most recent work on the film The Batman which he co-authored alongside director Matt Reeves. Reeves assures the audience at the panel that the script will be rated R and differ from the original comic storyline although the narrative of his protagonist remains the same.

The protagonist of the BRZRKR comic

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Keanu Reeves Discusses BRZRKR At SDCC 2022

The anime is in development under Production I.G, the legendary Japanese anime studio behind works such as Ghost in the Shell, Halo Legends, Kill Bill: Vol 1, Fate/Grand Order: The Movie, Psycho-Pass: The Movie, and Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom among numerous other. Keanu Reeves was first introduced to their work when he was relegated to watch Ghost in the Shell by the Wachowskis during his time filming The Matrix. 

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR
Keanu Reeves was inspired by anime to create his own comic issue

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It was during this time that he truly appreciated the medium of anime, calling it “some of the coolest sh*ts I’ve seen as a human being” for its inherent ability to demonstrate the conflict of morality within people and their journey toward rediscovering their purpose and identity. Reeves’ protagonist in BRZRKR, namely B, too, is set on a path of finding the purpose behind his bloody and immortal existence as he serves the U.S. government as a ruthless warrior in exchange for the truth.

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