Kevin Costner Isn’t the Only Yellowstone Actor to Fight Taylor Sheridan – Another Co-Star Was Sued by Creator Into a Legal Battle

Yellowstone universe hasn't been immune to controversies and one of them was a legal dispute between Cole Hauser and Taylor Sheridan.

Kevin Costner Isn’t the Only Yellowstone Actor to Fight Taylor Sheridan - Another Co-Star Was Sued by Creator Into a Legal Battle


  • Taylor Sheridan's conflict with Kevin Costner is well known, but the co-creator found himself in a legal dispute involving Cole Hauser as well.
  • Sheridan's Bosque Ranch filed a lawsuit against Hauser's coffee brand but the dispute was later settled outside court.
  • Meanwhile, Kevin Costner has expressed a desire to reprise his role as John Dutton, hinting his conflict with Sheridan might also end soon.
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Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has revolutionized the Western genre on television. The series along with its several spin-offs continue to enjoy popularity but aren’t without their fair share of controversy. One of the show’s biggest hot topics in recent times has been the alleged conflict between Sheridan and lead star Kevin Costner.

taylor sheridan cbs news
Taylor Sheridan via CBS News

However, more recently, another one of the show’s stars has found themselves in legal hot waters against Sheridan. According to reports, actor Cole Hauser’s company had faced legal action from the team of Sheridan over the branding of one of his newest launches. Here is everything you need to know about the controversy brewing on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser’s Brand Sued By Series Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Team

In Yellowstone, actor Cole Hauser plays the fan-favorite role of Rip Wheeler, a loyal ranch hand to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. In December 2023, The Los Angeles Times reported that Hauser’s team was locked in a legal dispute with co-creator Taylor Sheridan‘s team.

A still from Yellowstone
Cole Hauser in a still from Yellowstone

Hauser launched Free Rein Coffee Company, a coffee brand based out of San Angelo, Texas, in 2023. However, shortly after the brand was launched the Bosque Ranch, a Texas-based ranch owned by Sheridan filed a lawsuit against Hauser’s company. Bosque Ranch alleged that the logo and branding of Hauser’s brand were confusingly similar to their own brand Bosque Ranch Craft Coffee.

Nonetheless, the legal dispute did not seem to drag on for long like some of the other disputes surrounding Yellowstone. Instead, it was reported that Hauser and Sheridan’s brands came to some sort of an agreement and the lawsuit was squashed in December 2023. Given Hauser and Sheridan’s close working relationship, it is likely that they resolved the issue outside the court.

Kevin Costner Opens Up About Potentially Returning For the Final Episodes of Yellowstone

While Cole Hauser’s dispute with Sheridan was a minor one, the conflict between Kevin Costner and the series co-creator has been the biggest talking point for Yellowstone fans for some time now. According to reports, Sheridan and Costner could not agree on a schedule to film the latter half of the show’s fifth season.

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

Eventually, it was announced that Yellowstone would end after five seasons, with Costner’s involvement in the final episodes remaining uncertain. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Costner opened up about the possibility of returning to finish the story.

“Maybe it will. Maybe this will circle back to me. If it does and I feel really comfortable with [it], I’d love to do it.”

Costner made the above statement revealing that while he was willing to return, nothing had been finalized yet. As a result, it seems Costner is leaving the door open on a potential return as John Dutton for the final episodes of the hit Western drama. Moreover, like his issue with Hauser, Sheridan could also hash things out with Costner to bring him back and end the acclaimed series on a high note.

Yellowstone is streaming on Peacock while its spin-offs are available on Paramunt+.

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