“They’re confounded by its success”: Critics Won’t Be Happy With How Taylor Sheridan Trolled All the Yellowstone Haters, and Frankly He Doesn’t Care

Critics are unhappy with Yellowstone and Taylor Sheridan refuses to entertain it.

“They’re confounded by its success”: Critics Won’t Be Happy With How Taylor Sheridan Trolled All the Yellowstone Haters, and Frankly He Doesn’t Care


  • Taylor Sheridan is well-known for his performance in Sons of Anarchy and also for creating Yellowstone.
  • Some critics have been unkind in their reviews of Yellowstone and Sheridan has an epic reply for them.
  • In the interview, Sheridan also pointed out the way the audience and critics score for Mayor of Kingstown on Rotten Tomatoes is different.
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American director and actor Taylor Sheridan is well-known for playing the role of David Hale in the FX television series Sons of Anarchy and Danny Boyd in Veronica Mars. His talent is also showcased in Sicario, Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, and other such projects.

Taylor Sheridan in Yellowstone
Taylor Sheridan in a still from Yellowstone

Sheridan has also proved his proficiency as a screenwriter over the years. From Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario and its sequel to the Academy Award-nominated movie Hell or High Water, he has been the mastermind behind some of the best screenplays. He is also the co-creator of the show Yellowstone, which has elicited some unfavorable reviews.

Taylor Sheridan is Not Worried about People Hating Yellowstone

Taylor Sheridan in Sons of Anarchy
Taylor Sheridan in Sons of Anarchy

Yellowstone premiered in 2018 and has run for five seasons so far. Besides working as a co-creator on the show, Sheridan also plays the role of Travis Wheatley, a wise and rugged horse trader. Some critics have been brutal with their reviews of the show and Taylor Sheridan has not held back either.


He appeared in an interview with Joe Rogan and used the chance to respond to all those criticizing him for Yellowstone. He told the Joe Rogan Experience

“They’re confounded by its success. They can’t get their head around it. The New York Times has done multiple, multiple articles where they’re doing this essay on ‘How is this shit so popular?’”

Sheridan seems to be absolutely confident in his show. By the looks of it, he is not going to entertain the negativity around it, even if it means going against the critics’ judgment.

Taylor Sheridan on the Ratings of His Show on Rotten Tomatoes 

Taylor Sheridan in a still from Sicario

Sheridan puts forward a reference to explain how Yellowstone is being criticized and yet holds a rank among the audiences. This reference was the huge difference in the audience and critics’ scores for his show Mayor of Kingstown. He pointed out how even though the critics’ score for Rotten Tomatoes is a mere 42 percent, the audience score was around 90 percent. 


According to Sheridan, there’s a difference between what the general audience prefers to watch and what those who write about TV want the audience to watch. This is perhaps why Sheridan isn’t bothered by the opinion of critics, as long as the audiences are satisfied with his content. Evidently, he prioritizes his audiences over the critics. 

In the interview, he also said that his character in Yellowstone is a punk rock version of himself. He explained that there is defiance in the way he portrays the character, and he is not surprised that critics hate it since it was made for them to hate.

Yellowstone has had a more positive air around it lately with the increase in its viewership. That’s some really good news for Sheridan. Not to mention, there were already a lot of genuine fans who loved the soapy yet serious drama from the very beginning. 


All seasons of Yellowstone are available for streaming on Peacock Premium.


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