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‘You Want To Wait Till Phase 10 For The X-Men?’: Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Why Mutants Weren’t a Part of San Diego Comic-Con Announcements

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con felt like a shower of blessings to all enjoyers of Marvel and their movies and projects, but X-Men fans. At the SDCC this week, Marvel announced the entirety of not only Phase 5 but also some of the titles from Phase 6 — Fantastic Four, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars, which are mainly scheduled for late 2024 and mid-2025 releases. It’s a gala of surprises for fans of the franchise, and yet, for X-Men fans, the only reward so far seems to be the upcoming TV-MA animated series, X-Men ’97.

Many questioned the involvement of the mutants in the MCU keeping aside the little teases here and there, in the form of Professor X in Multiverse of Madness and Kamala Khan’s origin.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

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Kevin Feige Was Asked About The Involvement Of The Mutants In MCU

In an exclusive interview with, Kevin Feige was asked about the involvement of the mutants in upcoming future projects of their vast and expansive cinematic universe. The host of the interview humored and asked if the fans of the X-Men will have to wait till Phase 10, a pun made on the roman numeral X, to get even a glimpse of the beloved mutant heroes. Kevin Feige had an equally witty response.

Will we ever get to see the mutants in MCU?

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Phase 10 Until We See The X-Men?

We may get to see our favorite mutants
We may get to see our favorite mutants

This is what Kevin Feige had to say about potentially seeing the X-Men in the MCU, fighting alongside some of Earth-616’s mightiest heroes, and whether fans would have to wait till Phase 10:

“You want to wait till Phase 10 for the X-Men? Alright, that’s longer than I want to wait. But I guess.”

While Feige was hilarious in his response, the fans may have the answer to their long-time question. The fans would not have to wait for five more phases to see their favorite mutants in the ever-so-growing and enormous Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Kevin Feige On Phase 4 Of Marvel Movies

Marvel Phase 4
Marvel Phase 4

While Phase 4 might not have been everyone’s favorite, with Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder being widely criticized, Kevin Feige thought of it as a learning experience. When asked about Marvel’s ambitious endeavors, Kevin Feige had the following to say:

“I think we learned something on every project we do, but as we were laying out, and even three years ago here laying out Phase 4, which we didn’t lay out all of, but most of you know, we realized that it’s very different than Phase 1, 2 and 3.”

The producer also expressed his excitement for the upcoming back-to-back Avengers movies that have been announced for Phase 6. We can only hope that the two new phases of the MCU will be its saving grace.

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For the enjoyers of Phase 4, Thor: Love and Thunder is currently running in theatres near you.

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