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‘King Shark supremacy’: DC Fans Launch Petition For James Gunn To Replace Amber Heard With King Shark in Aquaman 2

'King Shark supremacy': DC Fans Launch Petition For James Gunn To Replace Amber Heard With King Shark in Aquaman 2

Popular demands by fans to their favorite movie studios are nothing new. But things can’t seem to go more bizarre as this time, DC Fans launch a petition to replace Amber Heard’s Mera in Aquaman 2 with King Shark. Although there were many existing rumors about Nanaue’s presence in the sequel to the 2018 James Wan movie, this petition points to a more hilarious angle.

King Shark Aquaman 2
King Shark in The Suicide Squad

Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was a controversial matter for a long time. The fans have repeatedly wanted the studio to replace the character of Mera following the long legal drama the actress had with Johnny Depp. Now the fans seem to have gained more hope following the appointments of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new DCU Heads.

Fans don’t want Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Amber Heard FandomWire
Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman

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In the 2018 Aquaman movie by James Wan starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard played the main female lead, Mera. But after the whole defamation case incident with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, fans didn’t want the character to be in the DCU. The fans became harder with their demand of Heard to be fired as Johnny Depp also faced the same treatment by the WB studios when he first got involved in the whole controversy.

Now as per the latest Tweet by a user which gained a significantly huge audience, the fans want Nanaue aka King Shark from The Suicide Squad in the upcoming Aquaman 2.

King Shark was introduced by James Gunn himself when he made The Suicide Squad in 2021. The movie was a soft reboot of the existing 2016 movie by David Ayer. The character was voiced by the legendary Sylvester Stallone and became a fan favorite in no time. The giant shark demigod possessed a unique blend of violence and cuteness.

As the character finds himself among the countable characters who make it to the end of the movie, the fans wanted eagerly to watch more of him. As per rumors, the character can have an appearance alongside the ruler of Atlantis in the upcoming James Wan movie. But looks like, the fans won’t be satisfied with a mere cameo, as their demand can’t be more baffling than it already is.

King Shark Sylvester stallone
King Shark was voiced by Sylvester Stallone

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King Shark fans go crazy on the Internet

Take a look at some of the tweets which shows how eagerly the fans want Sylvester Stallone’s character to appear in the next DCU Movie.

Now as the last tweet suggests, it can be a possibility to show Nanaue to be a buddy to Arthur Curry. It will be interesting to know ultimately if we can spot any ‘Nom Nom’ scene in the upcoming movie or not. But interestingly, there’s an interesting shark connection in Aquaman 2. 

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Can King Shark appear in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom?

King Shark
King Shark

Even though King Shark’s appearance is largely left to speculation, Aquaman 2 does have Karshon aka The Shark. The role is to be played by Indya Moore. But the fans need to remember one thing despite the title of Shark attached to both characters, they are very different. While King Shark is largely interested in chomping off everyone like a Shark. On the other hand, Karshon is a full-fledged villain in the comics who has greater plans than simply chewing humans.

Indya Moore as The Shark
Indya Moore is cast as Karshon in Aquaman 2

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As per the reports regarding Amber Heard, many fans believed that the delay in the whole slate of DC was due to the studio’s attempt to cut many of her scenes from the movie. Some fans also wanted Emilia Clarke to take over the role. Now with the head chairs being changed, it will be exciting to wait and watch, the direction of Mera in the DCU.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will be released on December 25, 2023.

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Written by Subham Mandal

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