Everything You Need to Know About Halo Infinite Season 5

Halo Infinite season 5 begins on October 17th and brings lots of new content.

Everything You Need to Know About Halo Infinite Season 5


  • Halo Infinite season 5 begins on October 17th.
  • New cosmetics are coming within Halo Infinite season 5.
  • New game modes and maps are coming with Halo Infinite Season 5.
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Halo Infinite joins the list of the various games, updates, and new content that gamers will get to enjoy throughout October. The game is receiving a fresh content update with its upcoming season 5.


With Halo Infinite’s season 5, there will be a lot of new content for players to enjoy, such as new game modes, new maps, new cosmetics, and an all-new season pass filled with spooky-inspired items that players can earn once the update is released.

When Will Season 5 of Halo Infinite Be Released, and What Is Being Released With It?

Halo Infinite season 5 releases on October 18th.
Halo Infinite season 5 releases on October 17th.

It has been announced that season 5 of Halo Infinite will begin on October 17th and will bring with it a lot of new content that players will be able to enjoy even after the new season ends. Some of this content is completely brand-new and will have players at the edge of their seats, while others may ring a bell for long-term fans.


So far, within this update, there will be two brand-new arena maps for players to enjoy. The first is titled Forbidden, which is designed more for players who like to be within close and medium range of their opponents, and Prism, which is set in the mines where the Covenant harvested crystals for The Needler. This map is full of environmental hazards and sniping lanes, which help to encourage snipers.

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Within season 5, there will be a new game mode that will be familiar to older Halo fans, as extraction from Halo 4 is making its return to the game franchise. This game mode will be a PvP option for both of these new maps that will be coming to Halo Infinite, but unfortunately, it is unknown whether or not this mode will be compatible with the already existing maps.


This isn’t the only game mode making an entrance to Halo Infinite, as Firefight: King of the Hill will also be a part of it and will be a PvE activity, but this game mode will not be available straight away after the new season launches as it will release later on within season 5.

Halo Infinite receives all new game modes and maps with Season 5.
Halo Infinite receives all new game modes and maps with Season 5.

As always, when it comes to October, games tend to get a little scarier than usual as Halloween begins to creep in and game developers decide to embrace their scary sides. This is evident by the new season being titled Reckoning and having a rather spooky aesthetic throughout the entire season.

Within this season, players will be able to earn very spooky rewards within the season pass, as there will be a special set of cosmetic armour that is influenced by Halo’s zombie-like alien enemies, The Flood. These cosmetics look amazing as they combine the usual tech suits that players expect, but they incorporate an infected style into them, making them look horrific.


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These aren’t the only cosmetics that players can earn throughout season 5 of Halo Infinite, as there will also be a chance for highly dedicated players to earn Master Chief’s armour from Halo Infinite campaign mode. The Infinite Mark VI armour has a few exclusive colour options to help customise it.

Within this update, there will be a lot of background fixes that players may also notice, as some bugs will be fixed and a new AI tool will be brought to forge mode, which will assist players in taking this system to its maximum while also testing their imaginations.


Overall, there will be a lot of new content for Halo Infinite fans to enjoy, as all of this content, besides the Firefight game mode, will be available from day one of the reckoning update, which will begin on October 17th.

Are you looking forward to Halo Infinite’s season 5? Would you wear the new armour that is infected with The Flood? Are you going to be trying out the new game modes and maps? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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