“She only lost cause plot told her to lose”: Kohei Horikoshi May Have Wasted Away This My Hero Academia Character’s Potential Purely for the Story’s Progress

My Hero Academia fans claim that Kohei Horikoshi wasted Star and Stripe's potential by killing her.

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  • Kohei Horikoshi's decision to introduce Star and Stripe at the last minute only to kill her has been called out.
  • Fans claim that she was only a hasty plot device and her death was unnecessary.
  • many even claimed that Horikoshi's skills as a writer are diminishing.
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Some anime characters leave a deep impression despite a short appearance in the series. Star and Stripe was one such character in Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, who wrapped fans around her pinky in the span of a few chapters/episodes.


Yet, the powerful lady could not survive the threat posed by Shigaraki and died a heroic death just as suddenly as she was introduced. In fact her sudden and forced exit from My Hero Academia led fans to doubt Kohei Horikoshi’s skills as a writer.

Star and Stripe Had Great Character Development Only to Die in My Hero Academia

Star and Stripe - My Hero Academia
Star and Stripe – My Hero Academia

Cathleen Bate, better known by her hero name, Star and Stripe, was the No. 1 Pro Hero of the USA. She came to Japan’s rescue despite the UN not finalizing aid. She never cared for her Hero License and faced Shigaraki.


She had an extremely fleshed-out character, as readers got to know how All Might saved her family years ago, and Bate considered him a beacon of hope. Her gratitude towards All Might was part of the reason why she rushed to the UA’s help.


Even in death, she chose not to sacrifice her ally and sabotaged her own quirk. She managed to severely injure Shigaraki. While her self-sacrifice is praiseworthy, fans are pissed that she was introduced for a brief time just to die.

Many claim that her introduction was unnecessary if she was going to be nerfed so soon anyway. She was used to represent the International Heroes and justify their absence in the series.

Kohei Horikoshi Forced Star and Stripe to Lose

Star and Stripe - My Hero Academia
Star and Stripe – My Hero Academia

You can barely find any My Hero Academia fans who hate Star and Stripe. She was a lovable brute of a character, who everyone instantly took a liking to. She was pushed into the story to tackle the question: Why isn’t any International Hero appearing for help?


Many fans claim that Star and Stripe could have been a last-minute plot device to expand further on AFO’s abilities. This is proved even more as she has never been mentioned in the series since its reception. Her existence came to the light only two or three chapters before her debut.


Of course, there are a fair number of people who claim she died simply because Shigaraki was stronger, but how is it possible for even the #1 Hero of the USA to be completely destroyed by a villain? A villain this strong would immediately be classified as a threat to the world, leading to international interference.

Shigaraki Tomura in MHA by Kohei Horikoshi
Shigaraki Tomura | My Hero Academia

She was also used to restrict International Heroes from interfering in Japan’s problems as her death made other countries and heroes turn their backs on Japan. This left only Japan’s heroes to fight against All For One, without any external help. Surely, swarming AFO with heroes would be the sappiest ending to My Hero Academia.


Kohei Horikoshi was also called out for introducing one strong female character who could prove her worth against the myriad of male heroes but ended up killing her. Overall, Star and Stripe’s fate made My Hero Academia‘s audience quite riled due to her wasted potential and untimely death.

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