Kratos is Not Strong Enough For Spider-Man? Shocking PlayStation Sales Difference Between ‘God of War’ and ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

Kratos is Not Strong Enough For Spider-Man? Shocking PlayStation Sales Difference Between 'God of War' and 'Marvel's Spider-Man'
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PlayStation sales figures for IP titles help analysts when it comes to predicting the same for upcoming titles. PlayStation’s God of War series and Spider-Man series have both garnered unexpected sales figures across the series’, since their respective release. Both series of games have continued to increase their sales numbers over the past couple of years, and by now, there seems to be a clear winner as well.


God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok and the Spider-Man series, with the two titles, Spider-Man (2018) and Miles Morales have been the pick of the games among PlayStation exclusives. Whilst there’s no confirmation or expectations for a new God of War title in the near future, there’s a sequel to the 2018 PlayStation title, Spider-Man coming to the console soon.

Going by the launch sales numbers for these titles, the upcoming Spider-Man 2 is expected to be another smash hit. There are some factors that are estimated to affect the overall PlayStation sales figures for both series, as explained below.


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Playstation Sales Figures for God of War: Ragnarok Compared To Spider-Man (2018)

Screengrab from God of War: Ragnarok
Screengrab from God of War: Ragnarok

God of War (2018) sold an estimated 23 Million copies while the sequel, God of War: Ragnarök sold an estimated 11 Million. Impressive as these numbers may be, with a combined sales figure of more than 34 Million copies, the other major PlayStation exclusive, the Spider-Man series, raked in equally better numbers. Spider-Man (2018) and the spin-off game that followed, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, reached figures of well over 33 Million copies sold together.

Lifetime Sales Numbers of PlayStation Exclusives
Fastest-Selling PlayStation Exclusives And Lifetime Sales Numbers. Source: Twitter/Zuby_Tech

It might be surprising to some that the demi-god Kratos couldn’t help push the sales for the sequel title, God of War: Ragnarok, when compared to the lifetime sales figures 2018 title, Spider-Man. There seems to be parity among PlayStation gamers when it comes to the different tones of these two games. This looks like a major deciding factor when it comes to PlayStation sales numbers for its exclusives, for both series.


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God of War: Ragnarok’s Dark Grit versus Spider-Man’s Relatable Humor in Gaming

PlayStation Sales figures for Exclusive Games
PlayStation Sales Figures for Exclusive Games. Source: Twitter/Zuby_Tech

When it comes to newcomers to the PlayStation side of the competition, there’s always a tendency to start off with an old or new title that’s easy on the eyes. Spider-Man‘s “kid-next-door” approach adapted from the comics along with the thrill of swinging around New York City makes the game one of the first games being purchased by gamers. Mile-Morales continues the trend with a similar bunch of enemies to be taken down in the game, following a very similar storyline as well.

The God of War series has always brought a dark, gritty tone that can only get darker with a lot more serious shift as the game proceeds. Another PlayStation IP, The Last of Us and the sequel, were also known for the dark tone in the games that suits seasoned gamers more than newbies. Exactly how much this affects the sales figures directly might not be proven outright, but the sales figures are quite similar among other games of the same genre.


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It’s important to note that sales figures do not always reflect the inherent quality of games being compared. Both God of War (2018) and Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) have left an indelible mark on the gaming industry’s present and future. The shocking disparity will continue to serve as a reminder that in the vast realm of video game sales, even the strongest Gods may find themselves humbled by a fan-favorite iconic superhero.

They both contribute unique experiences that resonate with players in different ways. The healthy competition between these two titles will remain a testament to the diverse landscape of gaming preferences, continuing to be a factor in PlayStation Sales in terms of its exclusives.


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