‘You’re Going To Be in That Skin For a While’: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Hints Sony’s Making Multiple Kraven Sequels


Aaron Taylor-Johnson is all set to make his debut in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe with his role as Kraven the Hunter. The actor who recently rocked the big screens along with Brad Pitt in the action comedy Bullet Train will helm one of the most iconic characters related to Spider-Man. Although this is not the first time, the actor will anchor the role of a Marvel hero as earlier he also played Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But thanks to the demarcation of the Sony Spider-Man Universe and the cannon MCU, he will be spotted once again as an iconic Marvel character.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson speaks about Kraven's future
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks about his future as Sony’s Kraven

In a recent interview, Aaron Taylor-Johnson revealed how he likes to do multiple types of roles in his career instead of sticking to his comfort zone. According to the Quicksilver actor, he loves challenges and always urges to move forward:

“I’m not here to play the same character twice. I, as a person, am naturally changing and evolving. New things inspire me, and you grow as a person. So I can only move forward and play things I haven’t done before. I like a challenge, and I like to step outside of my comfort zone, often.”

Kraven The Hunter
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven the Hunter (concept art)

Following this, the actor was asked how his character of Kraven differs from that of Quicksilver and the other roles he has played earlier and whether it would be fair to claim it as a different affair. To it the actor replied that these types of characters excite him and he really needs to believe in the character if he has to stay in the skin for a while so according to him, there is a lot around this character which the audience needs to stay :


“Some people like to go on holiday to the same place every year, but I like to explore different places. So there’s a lot that really excited me about the character of Kraven. Sometimes, these roles come about, and you have to truly believe in the character. You’re going to be in that skin for a while, and you have to believe in what you’re saying. So there was a lot about Kraven that I really loved, and I’m excited to share it at some point.”

These statements by Aaron Taylor-Johnson took no time to ignite a spark among the audience who started to believe in the movie and also speculate that Sony may consider expanding the movie into a franchise.

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Future of Sony’s Spider-Verse

Dakota Johnson will play the lead role in Madame Web.
Dakota Johnson will play the lead role in Madame Web.

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Even though earlier some of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s comments on Kraven the Hunter raised controversies on the internet, now the ongoing rumors have encouraged some major speculations regarding Sony’s spider-man universe.


As the actor speaks that he needs to stay in the skin for a while, the fans have already started theorizing that the story of Kraven is not going to end with one movie. With Madame Web also in its production stage, fans are also expecting a massive crossover of the character with Venom and Kraven in the Sony Universe.

Kraven the Hunter is going to release on January 13, 2023 


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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