Kung Fu Panda 4 Theory: Tai Lung Is The Next Dragon Warrior, Farewell Jack Black

Fans want Tai Lung to get his redemption in Kung Fu Panda 4 by becoming the new Dragon Warrior.

Kung Fu Panda 4 Theory: Tai Lung Is The Next Dragon Warrior, Farewell Jack Black


  • Kung Fu Panda 4's trailer has convinced fans Tai Lung should be the new Dragon Warrior after Jack Black's farewell.
  • Tai Lung taking on the mantle of Dragon Warrior would be the perfect character arc, help movie gravitate towards mature themes.
  • Tai Lung as Dragon Warrior can help expanding the franchise while solidifying Po's place as the valley's Spiritual Leader.
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Everyone’s favorite animated franchise is back with its highly anticipated fourth part, Kung Fu Panda 4. It has been more than a decade since the Jack Black starrer franchise was released, yet after all this time, it continues to be watched and enjoyed by audiences of all age groups. With its perfect ensemble of cast, interesting storylines, and entertaining characters, it is now worth a whopping $1.8 billion.

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kung fu panda 4 will be released next year
Kung Fu Panda 4 will be released next year

However, it may be time to say goodbye to its lead, the Kung Fu Panda aka Black’s Po, as the synopsis of the fourth part reads that a new Dragon Warrior will be appointed. While many fans have been complaining about the possibility of Awkwafina replacing Black, a new fan theory suggests Tai Lung may become the new Dragon Warrior.


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Kung Fu Panda 4 Fan Theory Claims Tai Lung Is The Next Dragon Warrior

tai lung
Tai Lung should be the new Dragon Warrior

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Jack Black‘s Kung Fu Panda has been long due and now as the trailer of the film was released just a day ago, the movie has already been riddled with criticism and fan theories. First, it was the unexpected casting of Shang-Chi star Awkwafina (via X), now it is Tai Lung, the antagonist of the first movie, that seems to have started another round of endless fan theories.

Tai Lung was supposed to have been the Dragon Warrior after being trained by Master Shifu since childhood. However, his evil arc started when Master Oogway refused to make him the Dragon Warrior leading to his eventual exile to the spirit realm by Po. Now as he is back to the land of the living as per the trailer of Kung Fu Panda 4, fans have been hoping the character finally gets his redemption (via X).


Not only do fans want Tai Lung to make things right with his adoptive father and master, Master Shifu as well as with the Furious Five. While the trailer doesn’t make things clear, making Tai Lung the Dragon Warrior would be a great way to complete his character arc.

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Reasons Why Tai Lung Deserves To Be The Next Dragon Warrior

Tai Lung
Tai Lung with Shifu

As per the trailer, the powerful snow leopard gets his chi stolen by Viola Davis‘ powerful sorcerer Chameleon as she prepares to fight the new Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace, Po. However, just as the fans want, making Tai Lung the next Dragon Warrior would be a good choice instead of just using the character for story purposes.

Ian McShane‘s Tai Lung already seems to have suffered enough after having the title of Dragon Warrior taken from him despite Shifu preparing him for it since childhood. His being Dragon Warrior would help the storyline to move towards more mature themes of forgiveness, growth, and second chances, and solidify Po’s place as the Spiritual Leader.


Tai Lung having a rich backstory and relationship with all the characters would help the franchise to expand further, especially since fans have been so against Awkwafina’s character potentially replacing Jack Black. His understanding of redemption and darkness would further make the mantle of Dragon Warrior more substantial, something that Po’s goofy character failed to do.

Thanks to his unparalleled expertise as a martial artist, Tai Lung can help usher in a new era for the Valley of Peace, diversifying the storyline and taking it on a new path while also allowing Jack Black’s Po to make his exit, if he so wishes it. Not only would it allow for character growth and redemption for Tai Lung, but it would also help the Jack Black-starrer franchise reach its perfect end.


While Kung Fu Panda 4 will be in theatres on 8 March 2024, here is its trailer:


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