Latest Captain America 4 Leaks Cause Panic in MCU, Marvel Sends a Legal Threat to Social Media Account Over Unauthorized Image

Marvel takes legal actions against scooper account, after set leaks from ‘Captain America 4’ caused panic.

Captain America Brave New World leaks


  • Scooper account CanWeGetSomeToast leaked unauthorized images from Captain America 4 via Instagram story.
  • Previously, the account had shared new-look images of Sebastian Stan from the set to Thunderbolts*, via X.
  • The Captain America 4 leaks caused panic at Marvel Studios, which led Matthew Slatoff to take legal action.
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Production is underway for Marvel Studios’ Captain America 4, and waves of new set photos have been leaked, revealing first looks at new characters, and even dropping hints at the sequel’s plot. Although it’s nothing new for scoopers to leak set images from movies. Several anonymous netizens have broken big news in the past, particularly regarding Marvel Studios.

Anthony Mackie in the first look from Captain America 4
Anthony Mackie in the first look from Captain America 4

Therefore, this time, after an account named CanWeGetSomeToast recently shared set photos from Captain America 4, Marvel’s VP of Global Security and Content Protection, Matthew Slatoff took legal action over the unauthorized images. Filling a DMCA subpoena, Marvel urged the user behind the leak account to reveal their identity.

Scooper Account Leaked Set Photos from Captain America 4

As Captain America 4 starring Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford undergoes production, scooper accounts take great interest in behind-the-scenes images. Known for sharing set leaks that potentially spoil big moments from the films, CanWeGetSomeToast dropped some unauthorized images from the upcoming Marvel movie, last week.


Often attracting views and sticking conversations by dropping hints about characters’ new looks and even revealing somewhat of the plot, the Instagram user caused panic at Marvel Studios after uploading footage from Captain America 4. Although Marvel hasn’t always paid heed to leaks, this time CanWeGetSomeToast’s move caught the attention of the studio.

Twitter Account Broke News About Sebastian Stan’s New Look

Previously, CanWeGetSomeToast was spotted sharing set leaks via X, from the upcoming Thunderbolts* that revealed the plot and even showed Sebastian Stan’s return as Bucky Barnes. Although director Jake Schreier had vowed secrecy over the script and characters involved in the movie, the scooper account revealed major details about it.


Particularly Sebastian Stan’s new look sparked curiosity among fans, as the actor was seen wearing a dapper suit and flaunting a goatee. With grown hair resembling his look from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Stan’s appearance made fans go wild over social media.

Marvel is Taking Legal Actions by Issuing a DMCA Subpoena

Therefore, after witnessing repeated leaks from CanWeGetSomeToast and major revelations about film plots, Marvel Studios finally decided to take some legal action against the scooper account. Heating its investigation into who’s been leaking Captain America 4 spoilers as well as dropping hints at other films, Marvel issued a subpoena for the Instagram account to reveal the identity of the person behind it.

According to documents shared by the Torrent Freak news site, after CanWeGetSomeToast posted an Instagram story apparently leaking footage from Captain America 4, Marvel’s vice-president of Global Security & Content Protection, Matthew Slatoff, filled a DMCA subpoena to unmask the person behind the scoop account.

The DMCA subpoena filled by Matthew Slatoff

While Instagram stories typically disappear after 24 hours, the leak was immediately discovered by a senior Disney paralegal. Therefore, witnessing panic at Studio, Marvel went to court in California, over intellectual property rights since the Captain America 4 footage was posted without authorization. Although CanWeGetSomeToast isn’t a newcomer scooper, Marvel’s decision to take action now suggests that the latest leak must have been particularly concerning.


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