“I’m sorry Red Hulk dying in this film is stupid”: Latest Captain America 4 Rumor About Liv Tyler’s Return Has Fans Worried For Harrison Ford’s MCU Debut

MCU fans are concerned after new Captain America 4 rumors hints at Thunderbolt Ross' questionable fate.

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  • Liv Tyler, who played Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk is rumored to appear only in Captain America 4's post-credits scene.
  • Rumors suggest that Captain America 4's post credits scene will focus on the "funeral" of Thaddeus Ross.
  • The fans are concerned if the MCU is planning to kill Harrison Ford's Red Hulk on his very first appearance.
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Captain America: Brave New World, or Captain America 4, is going to mark the return of several characters from The Incredible Hulk. Liv Tyler, who played the role of Betty Ross in the 2008 film is also confirmed to reprise her role in Anthony Mackie’s next MCU feature. According to the latest rumors, Tyler will only be there in the film for the post-credits scene.

Liv Tyler appeared as Betty Ross opposite Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk
Liv Tyler as Betty Ross

If the rumors are to be believed, the post-credits scene will center around the “funeral” of Betty’s father Thaddeus Ross, who will be played by Harrison Ford in the upcoming film. The late William Hurt played the role of Thaddeus Ross in the past MCU films. As Ford’s Ross is expected to play a central role in Captain America 4, the rumor has many fans concerned about the character.

What do the rumors state about Thaddeus Ross’ fate in Captain America 4?

Harrison Ford is all set to takeover the role of Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America 4
Harrison Ford in The Fugitive

Soon after the rumors about Captain America 4 started to come in, numerous fans claimed that it sounded more like a Hulk project. While it is expected that Harrison Ford‘s character will turn into Red Hulk at some point in the film, Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler were also confirmed to reprise their The Incredible Hulk roles.


Earlier in November 2023, before the release of The Marvels, trusted scooper MyTimeToShineHello revealed that The Marvels‘ post-credits scene is about Monica and the post-credits scene of Brave New World is about Betty Ross. As The Marvels report was proven true, fans also expected the latter to be correct.

Now, a rumor by Marvel Updates states that Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross will only appear in Captain America 4‘s post-credits scene during Ross’ “funeral”. Following that, she is also rumored to appear in another MCU project.


While fans are highly unhappy about getting such a potential spoiler, it seems unlikely that Ford’s MCU character will only be there for one project. A section of fans conclude that Thunderbolt Ross will fake his death at the end of the Anthony Mackie film, only to make a grand comeback in a future MCU project.

Fans are concerned about Red Hulk’s fate

The fans are concerned over Red Hulk's fate after latest Captain America 4 rumors
General Ross turning into Red Hulk in Marvel Comics

Gone are the good days when we rarely got a rumor and used to feel the surprise while watching big blockbusters. The rumor about Betty Ross has also got many fans complaining about getting a massive spoiler before the film. However, another group of fans have taken over X to express their concern over Red Hulk’s fate in the MCU.

The fans claim that it will be a massive waste if Harrison Ford is killed in his very first MCU film. Moreover, it sounds more foolish when we consider the fact that we are also about to get a Thunderbolts* film soon after Captain America 4. Let’s take a look at some of the fan reactions:




At CinemaCon 2024, Kevin Feige and Anthony Mackie presented exclusive footage from the film to the audience. However, details about the plot are still under wraps. Recently, the suits of Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Joaquin Torres’ new Falcon were also revealed in McDonald’s promotional material (via IGN).

The suit of Danny Ramirez’s Falcon received polarizing reactions among fans. Several fans complained that it looked more like Vulture’s suit. However, it would not be fair to be so judgmental of the film before we get to see any official material from the Kevin Feige studio.

Captain America: Brave New World is set to be released on February 14, 2025.


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