Latest Chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2 Sets Up Much Awaited Fight Between Asa and Yoshida

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 145 teased a terrible fight between the two major characters

Latest Chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2 Sets Up Much Awaited Fight Between Asa and Yoshida


  • Latest chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2 teased a fight between Asa Mitaka and Hirofumi Yoshida.
  • The next volume, Chapter 146, is expected to feature the terrible fight between the two characters.
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Chainsaw Man Part 2: The School Arc just entered a critical phase. The latest addition to the volume, Chapter 145, has teased being the harbinger of war. The Public Safety Devil Hunter group is on a mission to bring in the War Devil girls Yoru and Asa, and Yoshida has been tasked to neutralize them.

As you may know, Yoru is the embodiment of the fear of war while Asa has the ability to conjure anything into a weapon with her Devil powers. Yoru even took control of Asa’s body to turn Denji into a weapon. Expect the upcoming chapters to feature much chaos and destruction and give both War Devils a more ‘impactful’ role in Chainsaw Man.

Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man
Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man manga

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Chainsaw Man Teases A Fight Between Asa Mitaka & Hirofumi Yoshida

Devil Hunters are on the offensive after neutralizing the threats of a terror attack. Now, they are going one step ahead to stopping the problems created by Devils altogether.

Yoshida tracked down Yoru in an apartment and had her pinned. In the meantime, Yoru was able to persuade Asa to take a battle stance. Chapter 146 is expected to feature a violent fight between Asa Mitaka and Hirofumi Yoshida.


At the end of the latest chapter, Asa resorts to violence after Yoshida tells them to come out of the room. She weaponizes the room into a serpent that attacks the Devil Hunter outside the door. However, Hirofumi dodges the attack and his sword catches Asa’s arm.

chainsaw man
Asa’s hand is slashed by Yoshida.

Yoshida had always taken an aggressive stance against Asa. He told Denji to stay away from her and also propagated false rumors about her. His angle at Mitaka stems from his hatred for Yoru, who has been manipulating Asa since the beginning and has been showing false signs of sympathy and affection to rope her fellow War Devil into her world domination plans.

Given that Yoshida contracted an Octopus Devil but little is known about the true extent of his powers, it will be interesting to see how he fares against a War Devil who won’t be holding back.


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Where is Denji in Chapter 145 of Chainsaw Man?

Denji - Chainsaw Man
Denji – Chainsaw Man

While trouble has been brewing outside apartment 606 in Okinawa, Denji has been busy grooming Nayuta, the reincarnation of the Control Devil. He has already borne the trauma of losing someone close to him, Power and Aki, due to the Makima’s rampage as the Control Devil. Thus, he is taking time out from his Devil Hunter duties to develop Nayuta as a better person.

Denji was seen dining with Nayuta on the second last page of Chapter 145. The following page featured Asa getting her arm slashed by Yoshida. Given that Tatsuki Fujimoto is a lover of tragedy, he might be foreshadowing Mitaka’s death while Denji remains away from the scene.


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