‘Learned nothing from Death Note disaster’: Anime Fans Cringe as Netflix Announces ‘My Hero Academia’ Live Action Movie To Rival MCU

Live action adaptation of My hero academia
Netflix Announced Live Action Adaptation of My Hero Academia
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My Hero AcademiaĀ is one of the most famous anime series and its sixth season premiered early in October 2022. The anime has been highly regarded and is among the top-listed anime series ever since it released its first season in 2016. Both manga and anime are adored for character development, world-building, and the story in itself.

My Hero Academia
A still from My Hero Academia

Due to its fame among the people and anime being popular as a whole, Netflix took up the project of creating a live-action movie of the anime back in 2021. However, for a while any news regarding the same had been dormant, now though, Obi-Wan KenobiĀ writer Joby Harold will be penning down the script for the film.

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My Hero Academia Might Be Taking A Huge Risk By Making A Live Action Movie

My Hero AcademiaĀ is one among the many mainstream anime and is written as well as illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The anime has over 500 episodes at the moment and another season is yet to be released.

Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia

In a world where power plays a massive role, a man without abilities does not let the lack of it let him drift away from his goal of achieving peace. Izuku Midoriya wishes to see himself be a symbol of peace and a beacon of hope for the people even if he could not get into U.A. High School.

The anime is one of the most popular series amongst anime watchers and has even won multiple awards. Being an acclaimed Shōnen anime, it receives a lot of love from fans. Its animation too has been unique and Bones Inc., the studio that does the animation gets praised often for it.

The live-action My Hero Academia movie will air on Netflix

This is not the first time an anime is being adapted into a movie and past experiences have proven it to not be the best idea. Other anime series that have been adapted into Netflix adaptations includeĀ Death NoteĀ andĀ Bleach.Ā Both to date are one of the most famous anime, with the former being told as one of the best anime when it first came out. The live-action movies of the anime received major backlash due to the inability of fleshing out the story and the characters.

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Fans Thrash Netflix For Making Another Live-Action Anime Movie

Even though Joby Harold would be writing the script, who has also written John Wick 3: Parabellum, Army of the Dead, andĀ Edge of Tomorrow;Ā fans are not looking forward to the upcoming movie. Shinsuke Sato, who madeĀ Alice in BorderlandĀ will be directing the film and making his English debut.










None of these factors attracted the fans as usually anime live-action adaptions tend to make a mess out of the anime and story that it holds. Nonetheless, there is still some hope as Shinsuke Sato will be directly involved in the making of the movie and could make sure it does not shift as much from the source material.

While currentlyĀ My Hero Academia’sĀ live-action movie does not have a tentative release date, it will premiere on Netflix and will also be released theatrically throughout Japan.


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