Legendary Old School RuneScape Player Is on 90 Day Fiance and Has Become a Real Life Meme Factory

Clayton Clark may be a RuneScape legend, but the internet is having a meme fest.

Legendary Old School RuneScape Player Is on 90 Day Fiance and Has Become a Real Life Meme Factory


  • 90 Day Fiance participant Clayton Clark has spent 20,000 hours playing RuneScape and is top-ranked in Magic skill.
  • The reality show viewers are having a meme-fest at the expense of Clark's lifestyle choices.
  • Clark has also become an instant hit among RuneScape gamers, with several gamers waiting to play OSRS with him.
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A gamer recently appeared in the reality show 90 Day Fiance and has a lot of spotlight on himself with his story. The specific episode that featured the gamer was telecast back in September last year, and the gamer himself was a 30-year-old Kentucky resident named Clayton Clark. Clark was introduced as a hardcore RuneScape gamer, and his dedication to the classic game surprised everyone.


Clark has now also become an online sensation for all the wrong reasons, with several social networks posting memes about his story. While he did not succeed in winning over his partner in the reality show, Clark will not be forgotten for this major achievement any time soon.

90 Day Fiance Participant Spent 20,000 Hours on RuneScape

After spending 20,000 hours in the game, Clayton is top-ranked in Magic skill in Old School RuneScape.
After spending 20,000 hours in the game, Clark is top-ranked in Magic skill in Old School RuneScape.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance started in October last year, and the cast for the season was revealed a month before that in September. Among the cast was Clayton Clark, a gamer who has clocked over 20,000 hours on Old School RuneScape (OSRS).


OSRS is a free-to-play MMORPG, basically an online role-playing game with a large number of players participating together simultaneously. Clark is also top-ranked in the skill of Magic in the game and also ranked 9th in Farming, having garnered a score of 200 million in seven skills. He is ranked 433rd overall, having accumulated an overall experience of 1.8 billion.

To reach a 99 level in any skill in OSRS requires a lot of dedication, and Clark has achieved that in every single skill. While his skills would sound impressive in the gaming community, a gamer of his caliber wasn’t expected to make an appearance in a reality show of this nature.

A Reddit discussion was started by a viewer who said he would root for him to win over his partner, respecting Clark for his achievements in OSRS. The post was quickly filled with sarcastic comments, with one Redditor commenting that Clayton has less chance of winning over his partner in the reality show, as he might as well be “married to OSRS” at this point.


Another comment mentioned how Clark wasn’t helping himself by being in 90 Day Fiance and mentioning his 20,000 hours of gaming, which would give any potential partner the wrong impression of him. There was the usual influx of memes as well on X as more people watched Clark in the show.

TLC’s video introducing Clayton Clark also brought out more humor after one very stereotypical revelation.

TLC Interview Added to the Lonely Gamer Stereotype

Anali and Clayton pictured in TLC's reality show, 90 Days Fiancé.
Anali Vallejos and Clayton Clark pictured in TLC’s reality show, 90 Days Fiance.

The TLC video about him brought even more memes and unnecessary comments as Clark mentioned his mother lived in a walk-in closet with him. While that sounded sweet enough to know Clark still had his mother staying with him, the lonely gamer stereotype jokes were not lost.


While Clark’s mother mentioned being rather happy with her accommodation in a closet, the internet wasn’t having it.

Clark is still in the show with Anali, and the gaming community will hope a fellow gamer gets a better ending. There are also comments on Clark’s personal Instagram posts where users are requesting a game of OSRS.

Whatever the outcome of the reality show, Clayton Clark is sure to have gained a lot of RuneScape gamers as his fans by now.


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