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Les Grossman Movie: Ben Stiller, Matthew McConaughey, & Robert Downey Jr. In Talks To Return (EXCLUSIVE)

Les Grossman Movie: Ben Stiller, Matthew McConaughey, & Robert Downey Jr. In Talks To Return (EXCLUSIVE)

Les Grossman (Tom Cruise) was undoubtedly one of the funniest parts of the cult classic comedy Tropic Thunder. His cameo performance took audiences by surprise. Not only because the role seemed so out of character for the A-list celebrity, but because he was nearly unrecognizable as the balding, overbearing studio exec with sick dance moves. The actor was even nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance.

So when it was recently revealed that a Les Grossman spinoff film was in the works, fans sat up and took notice. One question sprang to everybody’s mind, “What other Tropic Thunder cast members will return?” Well, FandomWire has received exclusive insider info that Ben Stiller, Matthew McConaughey, and Robert Downey Jr. are in talks to reprise their roles. The details of how involved those roles will be have not yet been revealed.

Les Grossman Movie: Stiller, McConaghey and RDJ in Talks To Return - FandomWire
From Left to Right: Jay Baruchel, Brandon T. Jackson, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Steve Coogan in Tropic Thunder.

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Robert Downey Jr. played Kirk Lazarus, an Australian actor who wears black face to portray an African American soldier. If that sounds controversial, that’s because it is; however, the film received little to no backlash as audiences seemed to accept the performance for its comedic purposes. Robert Downey Jr. even received an Academy Award nomination for the performance. I think it’s safe to say that a Les Grossman film won’t be afraid to tackle controversial content, either.

Les Grossman Movie Explained

Les Grossman Movie

Les Grossman was best known for his ruthless and callous personality. He’s loud, overbearing, and determined to get the job done no matter what the cost. He was a satirical examination of how ruthless studio execs of Hollywood can be. He placed the priority on the dollar, rather than the people. That’s a trait that will likely play a large role in the story of his spinoff film. Perhaps continuing that satirical dig into the world of making movies.

Little is known about the Les Grossman film, at this time; however, we are excited to know that key players from Tropic Thunder are in talks to reprise their roles. Tom Cruise has the comedic chops to pull off this type of movie, but we rarely see him go the comedy route. This could be a refreshing new venture for the legendary actor. Who knows, maybe he can snag another Golden Globe nomination (or win) for once again playing Les Grossman!

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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