Lesser Known Role of MCU’s Boss Kevin Feige Behind Hugh Jackman’s Success as Wolverine

Kevin Feige used to smuggle comic books to cast members despite director Bryan Singer not wanting his cast to get influenced!

Lesser Known Role of MCU's Boss Kevin Feige Behind Hugh Jackman's Success as Wolverine


  • Before Kevin Feige was the president of Marvel Studios, he was an associate producer on the sets of the 2000 film 'X-Men'.
  • While risking his early career, Feige used to supply comic books to the cast members of the film which was forbidden by director Bryan Singer.
  • 25 years later, Kevin Feige will finally get his dream come true with Wolverine joining the MCU in his original costume with 'Deadpool 3'!
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Kevin Feige is one of the most important people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in present times. Being the president of Marvel Studios has its perks but the role did not come that easily to the television producer.


A tweet recalled the various things that Kevin Feige did while he wasn’t the president of Marvel Studios. Feige worked as an associate producer on the sets of the 2000 film X-Men. While filming, Feige smuggled comic books to cast members which the director specifically requested the cast members not to do!

Kevin Feige credit: ScreenSlam
Kevin Feige credit: ScreenSlam

Kevin Feige Used To Smuggle Comics On-Set!

Long before he became the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige was an associate producer on the sets of the 2000 movie X-Men. The movie was being directed by Bryan Singer and the director had specifically ordered the cast not to read the comic books!

Hugh Jackman FandomWire
Hugh Jackman in X-Men

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Since the movie was almost an original story and not adapted from the books, director Bryan Singer did not want the cast to get influenced by the comic books. Well, this seemed unacceptable to Kevin Feige since according to a tweet on X, the associate producer used to smuggle comic books to cast members and have them read it!

“In 1999, Kevin Feige risked his early career by defying X-men director Bryan Singer while sneaking cast members X-men comics and even campaigning to keep Wolverine’s iconic hair.”

The tweet further continued that 25 years later, with Wolverine joining the MCU with Deadpool 3, Kevin Feige’s dream of Wolverine’s iconic costume would come true!


“25 years later, Wolverine will finally wear his iconic yellow and blue suit in the MCU”

After his takeover as the president of Marvel Studios, Feige brought multiple projects to life and connected them all through the thread of the MCU. With the launch of the Disney+ series Echo, Kevin Feige talked about how it is the darkest MCU show yet!

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Echo Is The Darkest MCU Show Till Now!

A still from new Marvel series Echo
A still from the new Marvel series Echo

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In an interview (via Marvel Studios) President Kevin Feige talked about the recently released series Echo. Starring Alaqua Cox in the lead role, the series follows an indigenous woman, Maya Lopez journeying to her home while dealing with her past and trying to find her roots. As per Feige, this is the darkest MCU show created till now!

This is a TV-MA show. This is an adult show. Just like the Marvel Knights Comics where Echo first started, it goes much deeper and much darker in ways that we could only do with a TV-MA rating, so I am excited for people to see, as readers of the comics know, the different tonalities that we’ve been able to do in all of our shows and this being the darkest one yet.”

Well, Echo received an average rating of 6.1/10 on IMDB and 74% on Rotten Tomatoes but lead actress Alaqua Cox was heavily praised for her performance. The 2024 MCU miniseries is available to stream on Disney+ in the U.S.


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