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‘Life is good….but it can be better if you adopt me’: Viral Shelter Cat Pedro Pspspscal Named After The Last of Us Star Finds Loving Family After Internet Makes Him Famous

'Life is good....but it can be better if you adopt me': Viral Shelter Cat Pedro Pspspscal Named After The Last of Us Star Finds Loving Family After Internet Makes Him Famous

Pedro Pascal might be saving Ellie on-screen but the actor’s mere name has helped an innocent cat named, Pedro Pspspscal. The internet’s sensation, The Last of Us has been doing miracles by delivering a groundbreaking performance, which has successfully been able to impress both the critics and the audience. But little did anyone know that the star of the show Pedro Pascal will become a life savior for an unknown cat. A stray cat named Pedro Pspspscal, inspired by Pedro Pascal’s name has finally found his home. 

In a world where social media is powerful enough to be the bridge to connect people, it can also be a great channel to help stray animals find their homes. One such animal is Pedro Pspspscal, a cat who went viral after being featured in a Twitter post. The internet is swooning over their new superstar, Pedro Pspspscal.

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Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

The Story Of Pedro Pspspscal

Pedro Pspspscal made his first appearance in Kalon Fullerton’s Twitter post. Ever since that, the kitty has been adored by the public, who just can’t get over his cuteness as well as his name. Thanks to his name, Pspspscal has been featured in several memes. The internet’s sensational kitty was named by a staff of the Kansas Humane Society (KHS) in Wichita. The staff narrated the finding of Pspspscal and shared some insights on the behavior of the cute internet star.

“Pedro came to us from our neighbors next door at the Wichita Animal Shelter, who found him as a stray. Pedro is a very cuddly boy that loves head rubs. Every time I walked into the cat condo, he jumped up to the third shelf to get head rubs and pets. We named him after Pedro Pascal, just to capitalize on all the memes and success of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us. We have a names chat with most of our staff and I believe our social media manager saw the name on Facebook and suggested it.”

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Pedro Pspspscal
Pedro Pspspscal

The Internet Loves Pedro Pspspscal

Ever since his big debut on Twitter, the cute cat has never looked back. The internet sensation has successfully carved his path in several funny memes in an effort to continuously increase his fanbase. 

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Kansas Humane Society (KHS) in Wichita
Kansas Humane Society (KHS) in Wichita

The innocent cat finally succeeded in his journey to find a place called home. Pedro Pspspscal was adopted by a family on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. The family loved the cat’s name and decided to keep him forever. Pedro’s story is just one example of how social media can be a powerful tool in promoting animal welfare and helping animals find loving homes. Social media can indeed be an effective way for shelters to promote their adoptable animals and reach a wider audience.

Source: Newsweek

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