“Literally just collecting f*cking infinity stones”: UFC Legend Compares One of the Scariest Fighter in UFC to MCU Villain Thanos For a Hilarious Reason

Daniel Cormier compares Alex Pereira's achievement streak to the journey of one of the greatest MCU villains.

"Literally just collecting f*cking infinity stones": UFC Legend Compares One of the Scariest Fighter in UFC to MCU Villain Thanos For a Hilarious Reason


  • As Daniel Cormier visited Joe Rogan's podcast, the duo couldn't stop praising the feats of Alex Pereira.
  • Daniel Cormier went on to compare Pereira's feat to Thanos' journey of collecting Infinity Stones.
  • Israel Adesanya's words had a major contribution to Alex Pereira's successful career.
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Alex Pereira is currently one of the most decorated names in the UFC. He holds some extraordinary feats in the sport and has made a name comparable to Thanos’. Recently when UFC legend Daniel Cormier visited Joe Rogan’s podcast, Alex Pereira became a subject of their discussion. The former compared his achievement streak of Pereira to Thanos’ quest for Infinity Stones.

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Alex Pereira (Credit: MMA Fighting)
Alex Pereira (via MMA Fighting)

Joe Rogan has made a name for himself by holding conversations with some of the most renowned names in the world. The fans were excited to spot him in a conversation with the former 2-division champion. However, the podcast became more interesting when Alex Pereira also became a part of their conversation.


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What did Daniel Cormier say about one of the best fighters in UFC?

Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier (via MMA Junkie)
Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier (via MMA Junkie)

Recently when Daniel Cormier visited The Joe Rogan Experience, the two UFC enthusiasts had a detailed discussion on the sport. While they talked about Alex Pereira, Joe Rogan praised the Light Heavyweight Champion saying that he had one of the weirdest leg kicks.


Daniel Cormier made the conversation more interesting when he said that his cousin had the greatest analogy for the current 36-year-old champion. He was of the notion that Pereira is like Marvel’s Thanos. His achievement in collecting the multiple titles is like that of Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones.

“My cousin had the greatest analogy for Pereira. He goes, ‘He is Thanos, literally just collecting f*cking Infinity Stones.’ … I love Marvel. It was like when Thanos showed up and he’s just collecting Infinity Stones.”

However, Daniel Cormier also added that Alex Pereira might not have been such a star if it was not for Israel Adesanya. Pereira and the Kiwi MMA Fighter share a highly publicized rivalry. According to the two-time NJCAA champion, the comments by Adesanya acted as a major catalyst in the career of Alex Pereira.


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How did Israel Adesanya help Daniel Cormier to rise in his career?

Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya (via DAZN)
Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya (via DAZN)

In an interview with Sporting News Australia in 2020, Israel Adesanya claimed that Pereira would go on bragging about his victory over the former in a bar in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, he would continue to win more prestigious titles. As stated by Pereira later, the comments by Israel Adesanya acted as a major motivation for him.


According to Daniel Cormier, if Israel Adesanya had kept his mouth shut, Pereira might not have been one of the scariest in the UFC. In MCU fashion, it can be stated that the former Middleweight Champion’s comments acted as the canon event that led to the carnage by Alex Pereira.

“There’s a timeline, you know, there’s a bad guy and [another] bad guy and then there’s this ultimate bad guy, who is just in some f*cking bar in Brazil and Izzy had to open his mouth. If Izzy would’ve just shut the f*ck up, [Pereira] would have stayed where he was.”

On the other hand, Daniel Cormier also stated on his YouTube channel that although he respects the rivalry between Adesanya and Pereira, the latter should also change some of his habits. He stated that Alex Pereira gives more power to The Last Stylebender by speaking about him repeatedly.


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