Locations of all Brooklyn Visions Missions and their Solutions

A side-story specifically for Miles - here's a walkthrough to make it a cakewalk.

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The Brooklyn Visions missions are a set of missions specifically for Miles. Brooklyn Visions is his school, and as such, you’ll be spending a lot of time interacting with the other students and carrying out harmless, if wholesome missions for them and for Miles himself. These missions are half filler, half there to round out his character, but they’re all good fun and quick to complete. All of the missions are located in the center of Williamsburg, on the campus. Here are the exact locations of all Brooklyn Visions missions, as well as their solution.


Brooklyn Visions Missions

BV Club Fair

You’ll be meeting with Hailey and Ganke to meet Mr. Atlas, the guy who could be responsible for Miles’ future. As you meet Hailey and Ganke you’ll overhear a conversation about a missing person report, a Ms. Ferguson, and being Spider-Man, Miles decides to help out and tries to find her.

After a few cutscenes, head over towards the harbor, her last known location. Upon arriving you’ll find a group of criminals which you need to take out.



After getting rid of these, you’ll be pointed towards a roof and Ms. Ferguson taken hostage. Smash through the roof and save her. Another fight ensues right after this and again, you’ll make quick work of them.



Once you’ve dispatched this last group, you’ll have to take Ms. Ferguson back to the club fair, and that’ll be the last part of the mission finished.


You’ll come across Vijay pacing and loudly remonstrating himself. After talking to him, you’ll find out it’s due to him worrying about asking his date for the upcoming dance.



He’ll ask for your help, and you’ll soon be swimming across the district to check on a generator supplier. Of course, this goes wrong and as you arrive he’s being accosted by criminals.

brooklyn visions


The generator is no good, and on your return to Vijay, you’ll brainstorm a solution. Jump to the roof and give the generator a spark, then follow the nodes and connect them via your Web.


A few connections later you’ll be back in front if Vijay and the power will be connected. A few web tugs and chain lightning later a wholesome cutscene will play, and Vijay and Lucy’s are heading to the homecoming together. 


Lights, Camera, Action

You’ll meet Odyssey in front of a TV who will quickly ask for your help to find a lost drone. Nearby is a tall building that happens to have the lost drone on. 

After you’ve found it, Odyssey will ask you to take a few pictures in place of the redundant drone. Look for the sky bridge pictured below and take a picture. She’ll then ask you to go and take a couple more of the campus.

Of course, she’ll ask for three more. One of the greenhouse.


One of the esports team.



And one of the drone club.


Lastly, you’ll have to follow the drone around campus. It’s not particularly difficult and a mixture of swinging and webwings will get you finished sharpish.

Senior Prank

Hailey will call to alert you that Lance has been kidnapped. Once you meet the two students, they’ll let you know it was an opposing school that kidnapped him.


They’ll show you a letter with a riddle on it and point you toward a nearby building’s roof. Once up there you’ll find another note and another riddle. After a few web pulls on the mirrors, a hidden message will appear on the wall and with it, your next destination.

Head down to the next location and you’ll find a few graffiti murals and even more mirrors. Another round of webpulling and you’ll have another clue to ask Hailey about, before being sent to yet another destination.




This time there are two murals and countless mirrors. You’ll have to send the UV light in two directions, the red, and the blue path. Both paths are clearly marked with arrows on the floor so it’s not difficult. After this, you’ll be sent to your last rooftop where Lance is located. After returning him you’ll have finished the last Brooklyn Visions mission.



A Gift

Not a mission in its own right, but after completing the first four Hailey will ring and ask you to go to the rooftop garden as the people you’ve helped have made you a special gift as a thank you.

Once arriving you’ll see a table littered with presents, and a short cutscene later you’ll have a new suit paying homage to Miles’ Puerto Rican heritage.


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