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Logan Director James Mangold Confirms He’s Attached to James Gunn’s Swamp Thing DCU Project: “He was one of the first people I talked to”

Logan Director James Mangold Confirms He’s Attached to James Gunn’s Swamp Thing DCU Project: “He was one of the first people I talked to”

Right after James Gunn was appointed as the Co-CEO of DC Studios, he brought on many changes in the franchise, discarding Zack Snyder’s SnyderVerse, and DC Studio’s most fan-favorite superhero cast Henry Cavill. In return, Gunn’s strategy to completely reboot the franchise is currently ongoing.

James Gunn’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters will be packed with interesting movies and tv shows, and while many of them are being brought out of the comics for the first time, Swamp Thing catches the attention of many. Director James Mangold has also shared some exciting information about the upcoming movie in an interview with Collider.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Director James Mangold To Write and Direct Swamp Thing

James Mangold has directed quite several movies and has also turned them into blockbusters, he has worked with many franchises during his time directing movies in the industry. Some big names that he directed are The Wolverine, Logan, Ford v Ferrari, and other famous upcoming movies, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and a Star Wars movie too. With such famous movies under his belt, it is obvious that many would want them for their franchises, and James Gunn was no different. Mangold has been appointed by Gunn for writing and directing one of the most anticipated movies of his Gods and Monsters, Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing in DC comics

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The director revealed in the interview,

“The truth is, I’m writing both right now, and who knows what’s going to happen and what’s gonna blossom first or second? So there’s your thing, I’m doing Swamp Thing, there’s your scoop. It’s not a rumor, it’s happening. I put it online.”

Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing

James Mangold literally dropped this bomb out of nowhere while in an interview with Collider and since then social media has been busy relaying this info everywhere. It came as a shock to many because although the movie was announced by James Gunn and Peter Safran earlier this year, no further updates were made regarding the movie, and it might turn out to be a new fan favorite as the main character leans to the supernatural side. Moreover, not only Swamp Thing, a whole lot of DC movies are in the making and most of them will shock the fans and rock the box office.

James Gunn’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

The DCU Slate has been released quite some time ago and most of the movies and tv shows that Chapter 1 holds are on the characters straight from the comics. While it is a positive trait for DC that they are bringing on new characters to the front seat, it might backstab them as they will be completely new characters with no backstory and might fall short of the already existing fan favorites. But no matter what, the complete reboot of the DCU might turn out for the better and might rekindle its movies and shows with its new comic characters which MCU has yet to accomplish.

James Mangold will direct Swamp Thing
James Mangold will direct Swamp Thing

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Gods and Monsters will have movies like Superman: Legacy, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, The Brave and the Bold, Swamp Thing, and Authority. The tv shows will have Creature Commandos, Waller, Booster Gold, Paradise Lost, and Lanterns. These movies and tv shows will mark the end of a ten-year-long scripted Chapter and the success of this multi-billion dollar franchise completely depends on these projects. According to popular opinion, James Gunn seems quite confident with his projects, and some good news is expected soon enough.

Swamp Thing does not have a release date yet.

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