Logan Director James Mangold Reportedly in the Talks to Direct Green Arrow Movie Under James Gunn’s Leadership

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There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the future of the DCU under the new leadership. Starting from reports of cancellations, reboots, and potential projects, there have been many rumors that shocked the fans. Amidst all these, there are also reports that critically acclaimed director James Mangold can also get a project to helm in the James Gunn studio.

James Mangold
James Mangold

This update has made sure to excite several fans due to the popularity of the director. James Mangold is widely known for spearheading much-appreciated projects such as Logan and Ford v Ferrari. On top of that, the 58-year-old filmmaker is also the mastermind behind Indiana Jones 5 which is slated to put an end to the franchise started by Steven Spielberg.

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Is James Mangold to helm a Green Arrow movie?

Street Level heroes Green arrow
Green Arrow in the comics

Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is one of the most prominent characters in the DC comics. Further, the popularity of the superhero was elevated more after the CW series Arrow became popular. But the ardent fans also wanted to watch the character on the big screen someday. As a result of which there has been a steady demand for a Green Arrow movie for a long time.

But currently, the scenario surrounding the House of Superman is widely different following the transfer of the ownership of the studio. Following the inclusion of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the heads of the studio, several potential changes are waiting to be made official. Recently a report by trusted source Deadline stated various changes that are probably being worked on under the James Gunn leadership.

James Gunn
James Gunn

According to a point made in this report, various talented filmmakers like Andy Muschietti, James Mangold, and others are being eyed by the studio for their upcoming projects.


“On the other hand, we hear that WME-repped Flash director Andy Muschietti and Indiana Jones director James Mangold are excited to do business with the Gunn/Safran-led studio.”

Similar to all the recent DC updates, this one is also based on a report and waiting for an official confirmation. But this one’s sure to raise a storm on the Internet once officially announced by the studio.

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Something big is cooking in the DCU

DCU James Gunn
DCU seems to go through a reboot

Besides the reports related to directors and James Mangold, there are several other updates too that have attracted a lot of eyeballs. The cancellation reports of several projects like Wonder Woman 3 and Man of Steel 2 hint at Gunn opting for a complete makeover for the cinematic universe.


To be more precise, the heads want to formulate a long-term 10-year plan for the DCU similar to its rival MCU. So it is anticipated that the studio might start everything from scratch. Following vast criticism by the fans towards James Gunn for the potential changes made to the universe, the Peacemaker director took to his Twitter to address everything.

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According to Gunn, he and Safran have taken all the decisions by considering the effects in the long run. They revealed that not all of their decisions would please the audience but eventually they will all turn out to be good for the future of the studio. The updates are likely to be officially announced at the start of 2023. Now it will be seen how much of the reports come to reality and if we can really get a James Mangold project in the DCU.


Logan can be streamed on Disney+ while all the projects of DC can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: Deadline

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