“Logan Paul banged his little brother’s girlfriend”: Dillon Danis Shames Logan Paul For Sleeping With Alissa Violet After Nina Agdal Lawsuit

"Logan Paul banged his little brother's girlfriend": Dillon Danis Shames Logan Paul For Sleeping With Alissa Violet After Nina Agdal Lawsuit
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The Dillon Danis and Logan Paul online war doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon but is only increasing in intensity as Paul’s fiance has filed a lawsuit against him. Despite the lawsuit and a subsequent request for a restraining order, Danis has no intention of stopping, as he continues to post inflammatory and harsh tweets day after day.

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

In one of his latest ones posted on his official X (previously Twitter), the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt fighter has yet again made a controversial claim, this time bringing back into the limelight the old feud between the Paul brothers.

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Dillion Danis Accuses Logan Paul Of Sleeping With His Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend

Jake Paul and Logan Paul
Jake Paul and Logan Paul

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Logan Paul and Jake Paul might be in a sort of an okay relationship now, but they were once engaged in a very public feud that involved them releasing diss tracks for each other. Eventually, Logan Paul released a diss track titled ‘The Fall of Jake Paul‘ which is now one of his most viewed videos on his YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.

However, what made it extremely inflammatory and controversial was the presence of one of Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriends, Alissa Violet. The presence of Violet made people reckon that Logan Paul might have some sort of a relationship with her, a claim that was brought back after years by Dillon Danis.


Danis recently tweeted on X,

“Logan Paul banged his little brother’s girlfriend then made a music video rapping, dissing him about it. But I’m the one who took it far.”

His alleged claim generated a flurry of memes and backlash. His recent claim comes after Nina Agdal recently filed a lawsuit against him.

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Nina Agdal Sues Dillon Danis For Revenge P*rn

Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal

After months of Danis’s alleged smear campaign against Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiance has finally filed a lawsuit against him. According to the suit filed in New Jersey, Agdal has asked for a temporary restraining order with a subsequent permanent one, the injunction to stop Danis from posting any other photos or videos as well as claiming two accounts of intimate image disclosure and one for invading her privacy.

The model has also cited the revenge p*rn stature against him stating in the complaint (as per ESPN),

“nonconsensual, s*xually explicit photograph of [Agdal], displaying full frontal n*dity, to millions of social media users in the course of a relentless, ongoing campaign of cyber harassment and bullying against her.”

She has also asked the court to compensate her with $150,000 in damages as well as all the profit Danis has made from his online campaign against her.


While Paul and Danis would be meeting in the ring finally on October 14, the lawsuit hasn’t stopped the latter but only appears to fuel the fire that has already been raging for months now.

Source: X and ESPN


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