Loki: 13 Episode 5 Details You Probably Missed

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With Loki’s fifth episode creating a home in everyone’s hearts, fans are just not able to keep it calm. The episode had so much to process; it is going to take a while to get over it. I hope you are on the same page, too, and are already wondering about the Episode 5 hidden details that you might have missed. Then you’re at the right place. There are tons of things to talk about after watching the sensational fifth episode, but let’s first get started with this. Here are 13 Loki Episode 5 details.


1. To begin with, the name of the episode itself is a reference to the comic book Journey Into Mystery Issue #83. 

Episode 5 Details

2. The monitor inside the TVA shows a location, Oak Island, Nova Scotia. This location itself is mysterious enough to appear in Loki. Since the 1700s, treasure hunters have been going there to find Captain Kidd’s treasures.

Episode 5 Details


3. In the episode, we spotted Yellowjacket’s helmet from Ant-Man after we saw him shrink. Since then, fans have been speculating theories about Darren Cross’s involvement in the plot.

Yellowjacket Reference Episode 5 Details

4. This one could’ve been easy to spot because “Thanos” can catch anyone’s eye. Loki passes Thanos Copter, which is the helicopter Thanos uses to attack Hellcat and to steal Tesseract.

Loki Thanos copter Episode 5 Details

5. Along with Loki variants (and as if those weren’t enough), we got a glimpse of a Thor variant, called Throg. The frog version is trapped inside a glass bottle.

Loki Confirms Weirdest Thor Variant Episode 5 Details


6. The glass bottle in which Throg is trapped also has a hidden detail. The label on the bottle reads “T365,” which refers to the comic book Thor Issue #365, and it introduced Throg to the readers.

Frog Thor Episode 5 Details

7. Alligator Loki’s pool has a book next to it which is Mystery and Lore of Monsters. The movie is, in fact, about different monsters and their origins. Clever, right?

Alligator Loki drinking wine in a kiddie pool next to a book Episode 5 Details

8. We can see the famous Polybius Arcade game behind the classic Loki. The game was as controversial and mysterious as the players complained about experiencing hallucinations and nightmares.

Loki Reveals Polybius, the Urban Legend Game, Exists in the MCU


9. In the void, Lokis spot the most dangerous villain from the comics- Alioth. In the comic books, Ravonna Renslayer accidentally sets Alioth free. And since he breaks free from time constraints, he causes a lot of damage to everyone.

How Loki's Smoke Monster Alioth Connects To Ant-Man 3's Kang - The Direct

10. We can see Kid Loki drinking Hi-C Ecto Cooler. The drink was released in 1984 after Ghostbusters became a hit.

mrbijou33 on Twitter: "Just watched episode 5 of Loki and what grabbed my attention was Kid Loki was drinking some Hi-C Ecto Cooler!???????? https://t.co/YCv5IFPoKQ" / Twitter

11. One of the Loki variants, President Loki, is the character straight out of comics. The readers saw him in the books Vote For Loki in 2016.

Vote Loki (2016) #3 | Comic Issues | Marvel


12. Among the variants, there is one who has his horns made out of his hair. This is the same guy we saw in Episode 2 when Mobius went through Loki variants in TVA.

A Loki Variant vs. his hologram

13. This one is constantly seen in many of the Marvel shows and movies. It is a hula girl, and we saw her in Mobius’s pizza car. The last we saw her was in WandaVision in the truck Darcy and Vision stole. And in Agents of SHIELD.

A hula girl on Mobius's dashboard vs. Jemma Simmons holding one vs. Darcy touching one


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