‘Looking a little chubby there, Henry’: Henry Cavill Said James Bond Director Called Him Too Fat to Play 007, Forced Him to Train For Superman Physique

Henry Cavill had been rejected to play James Bond in Casino Royale.
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Out of all the possible reasons for not being “the one” for a certain role, the worst one is not having a particular body type to play the role. And Henry Cavill had to endure a similar experience when he auditioned for the role of James Bond.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

The Man of Steel star had missed out on the opportunity of playing the formidable role of James Bond in the 2006 film, Casino Royale, just because he wasn’t deemed fit enough by the director. Not only is that a shame, but looking back, it is also disappointing to see how actors used to get judged on the basis of their weight and body instead of their skills and talents.

Henry Cavill couldn’t get the James Bond role due to his weight

More than a decade ago, Henry Cavill auditioned for the popular role of James Bond in Casino Royale but had unfortunately enough not been able to play the part, all because of his weight.


The Superman actor assigned blame on his part too, even though he was never really at fault. “I probably could have prepared better,” he said as he recalled not being able to bag the role because he wasn’t the slimmest back then.

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Man of Steel FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

“I remember the director, Martin Campbell, saying, ‘Looking a little chubby there, Henry,'” Cavill remembered. The British actor also admitted that he hadn’t been the best when it came to exercising and restoring to dieting. “I didn’t know how to train or diet,” he stated.


But The Witcher star took all these remarks in stride instead of dwelling on them as he remarked how constructive criticism as this often helped him to grow. “And I’m glad Martin said something, because I respond well to truth. It helps me get better,” he pointed out.

Will Henry Cavill be the new James Bond?

With Daniel Craig‘s retirement from the role, directors and producers have been looking vigorously for the new 007. And a lot of talented stars including Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill have come up as some of the top contenders in the race.

Recently, it had also been clarified that the next Agent 007 would definitely be someone much more experienced, which further crossed out the possibility of any younger actors like Tom Holland from getting the role.


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James Bond FandomWire
Henry Cavill is one of the top candidates for becoming the next 007

Although Cavill has been garnering a lot of support from fans which is only pushing him forward in the race, nothing has been confirmed yet. But people are very conspicuously rooting for their favorites, and the Enola Holmes star has naturally earned his place as the fan favorite.

Cavill who had once been rejected as a possible candidate to play James Bond is now one of the most popular choices in line to play the part. So, if he were to end up becoming the next James Bond, it is certainly going to be epic.


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