‘Looks like it will be a long wait before Wolverine’: Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 3 Workout Divides Fanbase

'Looks like it will be a long wait before Wolverine': Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 Workout Divides Fanbase

While superheroes might have become the talk of the town in recent years, there was a time when they were nothing but children’s vivid imaginations. But even during those times, Hugh Jackman strode along with his head held high as he played the OG Mutant Wolverine in the original X-Men series and even the reboot franchise for 20th Century Fox Studios.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

And now, as the star has revealed the fact that he will be taking out the claws from the closet once again in the upcoming Deadpool 3, the fans of the star are impatiently waiting for him to get back into his iconic Wolverine shape which made the mutant character instantly recognizable. But after Jackman shares an update on his transformation process, the optimism that the fans have started to dwindle a little.

Fans Doubt Hugh Jackman Will Get Back Into His Wolverine Shape!

Hugh Jackman in a still from The Wolverine
Hugh Jackman in a still from The Wolverine

While the character itself is iconic for the style of his jowl hair and the adamantine claws that protrude from his knuckles, Hugh Jackman had to go above and beyond to get into the jacked physique that Wolverine is known for in the memories of the fans. Thus, when the fans expected the transformation update video posted by the Prisoners star on his Twitter to contain some monster gains, they were let down.

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Fandomwire Video

In the video, we can see Jackman pumping iron as he does his set of deadlifts within a controlled environment. After sharing this picture on the internet, many praised his hard work and dedication to go through rigorous training with his advancing age for his return to the big screen as a member of the X-Men. But many also noticed that the shape he’s in right now is nothing compared to his past glorious physique.

But many also noticed that the shape he’s in right now is nothing compared to his past glorious physique. Thus, they are worried that the return process might be a long time in working for the star.

So, with Jackman getting the hang of getting back into shape once more, looking at his track record from all these years, many think it’ll be a walk in the park for the star to become Wolverine once more.

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What To Expect From Deadpool 3?

Ryan Reynolds in and as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds in and as Deadpool

While we know that the upcoming film will contain some bada*s action scenes courtesy of Logan’s presence, we will also witness the motor mouth shenanigans from Ryan Reynolds as he dons the red suit again for Deadpool 3. With the rumors hinting that the gun for hire would make an extra-dimensional journey through the space-time continuum, there are little to no details regarding what the film might contain.

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Deadpool 3, in cinemas on 8th November 2024

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