Lords of the Fallen is this Year’s Most Divisive Souls-like game

Lords of the Fallen is seriously splitting the crowd!

Lords of the Fallen is this Year's Most Divisive Souls-like game


  • Reviews for Lords of the Fallen have proven incredibly divisive, between critics and players alike.
  • Comparisons with other Souls-like games past and present are obvious, if in some cases unfair.
  • Some fans love it, others hate it.
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Lords of the Fallen is due for release today, Friday 13 October. Which may or may not be ironic, depending on how you feel about the relevance of the date. One thing of note is that the latest Souls-like offering from Hexworks has divided the crowd and judging by some of the reviews, there is a feeling that this latest title is desperate to be Dark Souls.


That being said there are positive reviews for the game and given that it will no doubt be seen as competition for another recent Souls-like release in Lies of P, it will be interesting to see how Lords of the Fallen stacks up against it.

What is being said about Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen
Early reviews of the combat system in Lords of the Fallen have not been kind.

As stated, there are differing opinions on Lords of the Fallen and the score ratings range from 5/10 up to our review of the game which scored it at 8/10. Whilst many reviewers touched on how awful the 2014 game of the same name was, it was agreed that the 2023 Lords of the Fallen is a substantial improvement.


One interesting point brought up in a review by TechRaptor was the similarities between this game and 1999’s Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. The comparison is that of the switch between the two worlds. In the Hexworks game players can switch between the world of the living (Axiom) and the dead (Umbral).

For those who may not have experienced the amazing Legacy of Kain series, with the Soul Reaver game, players could move between the Material and Spectral Realms. Of course, with the number of games being developed, there are bound to be similarities, but could this one be a little too close?

Lords of the Fallen
Does Lords of the Fallen borrow concepts from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver?

There have been several comments made about the combat system and there seems to be a feeling that the game is too repetitive and offers little variance as the game progresses. The difficulty with having another Souls-like game is that it will always draw comparisons to the games that preceded it.


Unfortunately, Lords of the Fallen will never escape being looked at as a possible successor to Dark Souls. However, it’s not all negativity for this title there have been several opinions in which the game is highly rated, and in a review by Yahoo, it was noted as a ‘must play’.

The response from players who have already picked up the game has been mixed, with some picking up on noticeable bugs;


Lords of the Fallen
How will Lords of the Fallen stack up against the recent Souls-like game, Lies of P?

These issues will no doubt be addressed in future patches but given that it’s been worked on for four years, it is no doubt frustrating for the fans who have waited so long to get their hands on the game to be met with these issues so early on.

It could be that the industry is becoming so polluted with games trying to be the new Souls-like title that players will have to wade through them to find one that merits this title. One thing is certain, Lords of the Fallen may split the crowd for years to come.


But what are your thoughts on the latest news for Lords of the Fallen? Are you picking this game up today now that it has been released? Or have you read the reviews and will maybe hold off until some of the issues have been addressed? Get in touch, drop us a comment, and let us know your thoughts.

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