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Lords of the Fallen Overview Trailer Explains all you Need to Know about the Upcoming Souls-like

Lords of the Fallen is an upcoming souls-like game that’s gathering anticipation for its dark fantasy world. The 8-minute overview trailer showcases some dashing mechanics and RPG elements that set the game apart from similar souls-like, even though there’s a healthy mix of familiarity and gameplay mechanics that souls-like fans have grown to adore.

The massive open world has explorable zones connecting with the game’s overarching theme. While we’re somewhat familiar with the combat system of the game, what makes it complex is the fluidity between 100s of weapons to master a playstyle that is unique to the player. 

Lords of the Fallen Thrives on the Foundations of Its Predecessor

Lords of the Fallen combat system
Lord of the Fallen’s immaculate combat system will make for unique gameplay.

Back in 2014, Lords of the Fallen explored mystical themes that were wrapped in gore, medieval fantasy, and a supernatural essence. With the sequel (which may seem like a reboot), we’re looking at a story that’s being told a thousand years after the original game. The trailer starts with a glimpse of what we can expect – heavy environmental storytelling (inspired by the likes of Dark Souls) and beasts and monsters that pretty much sum up how powerful the worldbuilding is going to be.

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The new game follows up on the ultimate defeat of the demon god, Adyr. This world’s evil isn’t completely banished and there’s a new challenge starting to lurk about. As it happens, Adyr is about to return and the player dives into the role of a Dark Crusader. With this burden on your shoulders, get ready to brave a world between the realms of both – the living and the dead.

The key ‘lantern’ you possess with let you traverse between the overworld of Axiom and a parallel realm of Umbral. Moving through Umbral will give birth to a multitude of environmental puzzles/challenges and mysteries to be solved. As an ideal Souls-like, meeting your demise in this game will be punishable. However, you can find anchor points in Umbral to serve as possible checkpoints in case things go terribly wrong.


What Can Players Expect From the New Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen co-op mode
Lords of the Fallen has a co-op mode that allows you to traverse different realms along with other players.

There are several new features – both gameplay and quality of life updates – that hone Lords of the Fallen’s epic gameplay and storytelling. This time around, you can completely customize your character to make them look like a legendary godslayer. Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose a life path that modifies character, weapon, spells and armor stats. This blends well with an open world that craves your presence – no matter how unique it may be.

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An added sense of novelty ensures that Lords of the Fallen isn’t a lonesome journey. Players will be able to play co-op, with the option to invade other worlds or be invaded by other players. While this may make the gameplay feel a little less punishing, it also brings up new challenges, asking players to take on a newer learning curve. Based on your playstyle, feel free to switch between single-player and co-op modes.  

As we mentioned before, the lantern is going to be a fundamental part of your gameplay experience, enabling players to cross between realms. This adds a newer twist to world exploration, building on the game’s powerful lore and hidden enigmas.

What are your thoughts on the Lords of the Fallen sequel? Do you think it will stand out from other Souls-like games? Let us know in the comments. 

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