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Lost Art: Disney Planning To Bring Back Legendary 2D Animation Following Relentless Fan Campaign

Disney is considering a return to 2D animation with their upcoming film "Wish".

disney planning to bring back legendary 2d animation following relentless fan campaign


  • The film's co-director, Chris Buck, revealed that it was inspired by classic 2D Disney films and incorporates elements of that style.
  • Fans are excited about this decision, praising Disney for bringing back a "lost art" and hoping for more 2D animations with compelling storylines.
  • "Wish" tells the story of a young girl named Asha who discovers the truth about her ruler and makes a powerful wish that attracts the attention of a cosmic being named Star.

When it comes to big-budget animation blockbusters in the film industry, everyone and their dog knows just how exceptional Disney is in creating the most iconic films in history. From old classics to modern marvels, the entertainment giant is always at the top, especially when it comes to their signature 3D style of animations.

A still from Disney's Aladdin
A still from Disney’s Aladdin

But the gems of the film industry were the evergreen 2D animations that Disney was known for in the past. However, in recent times, it seems like the company is struggling to retain its consumers with its latest offerings in this genre. Thus, with the announcement of their upcoming film Wish, Disney is thinking of going back to their roots by bringing the 2D magic back.

Disney May Start Creating 2D Projects In The Future

A still from Disney's upcoming film Wish
A still from Disney’s upcoming film Wish

If you have seen the trailer for Disney’s upcoming animation film titled Wish, you may have noticed that the film doesn’t quite look like the company’s signature 3D style. While most may be thinking that they are starting to give up on maintaining their position as the premier animation destination after their recent failures, it’s quite the opposite case.

In fact, since their flagship films that were made in 2D several years back are still some of the most loved features in history, Disney may be taking queues from them to regain their reputation.

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In a recent interview with The Direct, the upcoming film’s co-director Chris Buck revealed that the project was inspired by the classic 2D Disney films of the past, some elements of which are also incorporated in it. Here, when asked whether the entertainment giant will employ the use of 2D style in the past, Buck said this was definitely the plan.

He also mentioned that during the early designs of Star, one of the characters in the film was created in the same artistic style as in the past. He said:


I think, absolutely. This film was inspired, obviously, by the legacy and the 2D animation. And the look has a somewhat 2D look with the lines on the characters. We did early tests with Star as 2D. But yeah, I think we keep exploring.”

Therefore, if Disney manages to nail this like it did in the past, it will find itself a new respect and reputation in the industry, something that it needs.

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What Do The Fans Think About This Decision?

After the news spread all across the internet, the fans decided to express their excitement about this news on X, having a lot to praise Disney about.

A still from Wish
A still from Wish

With Disney finally acknowledging the demand of fans to create films as they did in the past, we will be receiving the upcoming Wish as their first step in that direction.

The film is set to tell the tale of Asha, a young girl who finds the truth behind her ruler, King Magnifico, and his ability to grant any wish his people want, but most of them he would never grant. Thus, she decided to make a wish of her own to the stars, a wish so powerful that one of the cosmic beings named Star, arrives on earth to help her realize them.

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Wish, releasing in cinemas on 24th November 2023.

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