Luffy’s Joyboy Transformation Intentionally Dropped the Real Key to One Piece That Eiichiro Oda Has Been Teasing for Years (Theory)

The solution to One Piece's biggest mystery might be found on close examination of Binks' Sake.

luffy’s joyboy transformation in one piece


  • When Luffy transformed into Joy Boy, he quoted lines from Binks' Sake which led to many speculations.
  • One speculation indicates that Bink's Sake could be the key to finding the One Piece.
  • In fact, Bink's Sake could be pointing towards people who will help find Laugh Tale island.
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The biggest mystery of One Piece is the legendary treasure hinted at by Gol D. Rogers. For decades, fans have theorized what could be the One Piece, and none have gotten any closer to the truth. Eiichiro Oda himself has tried his best to conceal it.


However, if you are a closet detective, you are bound to pick up on the easter eggs left by Oda. Stitching them together will give you a map that could help you figure out what the treasure is. A fan theory regarding Binks’ Sake and the One Piece has stood out from the rest due to its solid reasoning.

Why Did Joy Boy Sing Bink’s Sake in One Piece?

Binks' Sake One Piece
Singing Binks’ Sake | One Piece Viz Media

In his fight against Kaido, Luffy quotes Binks’ Sake when he transforms into Joy Boy.


“After you die, all that’s left is bones.”

Binks’ Sake is an extremely old sea shanty that is sung by Brooks as he is also an old pirate. Since it is an old song, it could have also been known to Joy Boy, resulting in Luffy quoting the song. While many people claim that the song itself, which celebrates the wonderful adventures of pirates, could be the One Piece, it is improbable that Eiichiro Oda would do something so sappy.

Since Luffy was channeling Joy Boy, it could mean that the entity was hinting at something while transforming. So Binks’ Sake is bound to be an important detail in the upcoming chapters of One Piece.

Binks’ Sake Holds the Key to Finding One Piece

According to a fan theory, is possible that Binks’ Sake actually holds the key to finding One Piece. Laugh Tale is an island that stands at the end of the New World and holds the One Piece treasure. The island was named by Gol D. Roger who arrived there and discovered Joy Boy’s treasure.


Gol D. Roger One Piece

Coincidentally, the last line of Binks’ Sake contains the phrase “funny tale” or “laugh tale.” This is the line that Roger quoted when he named the island Laugh Tale. Thus, Binks’ Sake existed long before Roger arrived on the treasure-holding island.

Laugh Tale Island can be found by piecing together the four Road Poneglyphs, but what if just the Poneglyphs aren’t enough? What if Binks’ Sake is the one thing that interprets the Poneglyphs or leads to people who will help reach Laugh Tale?


“The wind it blows, to where who knows?
The waves will be our guide!
O’er across the ocean’s tide, rays of sunshine far and wide!”

Many parts of the song refer to the weather, and everyone knows about the ever-changing weather of the New World. Only an expert guide can help navigate across the turmoiling ocean and weather. The person who best fits this description is Nami. Another line that references the stormy side of the New World is:

“Somewhere in the endless sky, a storm has started comin’ by!”

The song also says to:

“Gather up all of the crew!
Time to ship out Binks’s brew!”

This could mean each crew member on a ship needs to fulfill their respective tasks to reach their goal.

One Piece - Laugh Tale
One Piece – Laugh Tale | Viz Media

It is possible that reaching the Laugh Tale is exponentially more difficult than any other island. It will take a navigation expert to understand the water and steer the ship. In fact, the whole crew needs to operate like a single piece of machinery to keep their ship from drowning.

“If we let blow winds of fear then the end of us is near!”

As you all know, each member of the Straw Hat crew is proficient in their own field and serves a specific purpose on the ship. All of them will need to work together if they want to reach Laugh Tale.

You can read One Piece on Viz Media and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.


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