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Madame Web Set Photos Reveal Major Spider-Man Location, Adds Further Proof Peter Parker Will Be in Movie in Some Form

spider man in madame web movie

With the reveal of the latest set of photos of Madame Web, it can be asserted that Sony Pictures is successfully expanding its elaborate Spider-Man Universe. As per reports, the film is set for release next year. Fans have, for a while now, been wondering about the involvement of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in the film.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Many fan theories have supported such claims, but until now, there was no concrete and validated information to back it up. However, with the recent set photos coming to the public eye, many are convinced that Peter Parker might be seen in the 2023 film.

Madame Web Set Photos Revealed

Many fans have been intrigued as to what Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is willing to offer. According to various reports and rumors, people sharing familial associations with Peter Parker may appear in the upcoming film. However, the array of rumors and speculation has left fans with a single question: whether or not Peter Parker himself will be seen in the film. Recent set photos likely point at a — albeit not definitive — yes.

Dakota Johnson will play the lead role in Madame Web.
Madame Web

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On Twitter, a user posted some Madame Web Boston set photos that long-time fans of the Spider-Man comics were quick to recognize at once. The location featured in those pictures is none other than — the 4-Star Diner. First seen in the Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 Issue #30, Peter Parker frequently visited the 4-Star Diner with his buddies when he was a college student. Hence, it is quite a fascinating component that has been added to the upcoming film and raises many questions.

The 4-Star Diner
The 4-Star Diner

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Spider-Man In Madame Web?

The addition of this particular location in the 2023 film, which plans to dabble into the promise of an overarching Spider-Man Universe, is quite interesting. Now many are convinced that this is substantial proof of the inclusion of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in the movie. However, as with all speculated information, this too should be taken with a pinch of salt. While the location may serve as some form of hint or evidence, it may also be the case that the 4-Star Diner is just an Easter egg to satisfy the hardcore Spider-Man fans. Nothing is truly set in stone when it comes to the ever-so-confusing and mysterious premise of Madame Web.

Spider-Man and Madame Web.
Spider-Man and Madame Web

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With the latest developments and rumors pointing at the presence of Peter Parker’s mother, Mary Parker and Uncle Ben in the film, fans are growing eager to know whether or not they’d get to see at least a glimpse of their beloved, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man — in any shape or form possible. Only time can tell what this Dakota Johnson-led Sony endeavor is planning to reveal.

Madame Web is scheduled for a 6th October 2023 release.

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