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Madame Web Star Dakota Johnson Reportedly the “Prototype” for MCU Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm Casting

Madame Web Star Dakota Johnson Reportedly the "Prototype" for MCU Fantastic Four's Sue Storm Casting

Marvel Studios is reportedly gearing up for casting their Fantastic Four. For a long time, there were rumors about the company casting Reed Richards first, with actors like Andor’s Diego Luna and Star Wars’ Adam Driver speculated to be in the running for the lead. However, later on, insiders said that it wasn’t Reed Richards who Marvel was planning to cast first, but Sue Storm instead. As such, the speculations and fan-casting began again in full force. But no one knew what kind of actress the studio was looking for. That confusion has ended now with a film insider revealing that Dakota Johnson is their perfect prototype for Sue Storm.

Marvel Studios Wants A Dakota Johnson Prototype For Sue Storm

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Film insider Jeff Sneider revealed on The Hot Mic Podcast that Marvel Studios is considering Fifty Shades franchise star Dakota Johnson to be the archetype for Sue Storm. The expert revealed that the studio is looking to hire actresses in the 30-35 age range. As per him:

“… As far as Fantastic Four goes, I mean… When we were talking about her age… Sue Storm’s age… and said they’re gonna start building around Sue Storm. And then I put out Saoirse [Ronan], and someone had come forward, and said Saoirse seems a little too young… So we’re looking at that 30-35 age range and, from what I understand, Dakota Johnson is the prototype.”

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Sue Storm
Sue Storm

So why not cast Johnson herself? Apparently, Marvel is looking for other actresses that fit the mold because she’s currently in the Spider-Man spin-off film Madame Web. So hiring her could confuse general audiences down the line. As per Sneider:

“But it’s not, obviously, going to be Dakota Johnson, because she is Madame Web… which, I believe, is undergoing reshoots right now too. So, it’s not going to be Dakota Johnson. Dakota Johnson is 32, I think.”

Interestingly, the film insider also said that Marvel Studios isn’t planning on strictly casting a white woman. He explained:

“So does that mean that they’re looking at a white woman? Not necessarily. But you know, I think in an ideal world… they would like someone like Dakota Johnson.”

This information sheds light on where Kevin Feige and his team want to take their version of Sue Storm. Also, it backs up other rumors about the upcoming Fantastic Four project.

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Who Is Marvel Studios’ Reed Richards?

Fantastic Four in Marvel comics
Fantastic Four in Marvel comics

It isn’t exactly clear why Marvel Studios is considering Johnson as the prototype for Invisible Woman. But Sneider’s statements do lend credence to the rumors about the company is looking to cast women in the 30-35 range because Sue Storm and Reed Richards are supposedly going to be parents in the film. So this could also mean that the studio will look to cast male actors in the same age bracket.

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As such, the rumors about Adam Driver, Dev Patel, and Diego Luna being in the race for the role of Reed Richards could be true. Unfortunately, John Krasinski will probably not portray Mister Fantastic again. Various insiders and even the actor himself have confirmed in multiple interviews that he hasn’t heard from Marvel after he shot the cameo for Doctor Strange 2.

With Marvel Studios reportedly gearing up to begin shooting Fantastic Four in early 2024, we should get more concrete casting information for Sue Storm and Reed Richards soon.

Fantastic Four will be in theaters on February 14, 2025.

Source: The Hot Mic Podcast

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