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Madness is Like Gravity: 10 Craziest Joker Quotes To Sum Up 2020

What is the Joker? Why is he so obsessed with the Batman? Why do people find him so relatable? The Joker represents the common man pushed to the absolute brink of insanity. The Joker stands at the very edge of the cliff that separates the human from the inhuman. And he is more than happy to step out of bounds and become a demon. Maybe he already has. Maybe he is about to. His love story with the Batman is only one side of a larger equation none of us might ever be able to understand.

After all, he is the Clown Prince of Crime

All It Takes Is One Bad Day

Can we even blame him? The Joker suffered the worst day of his life. He lost his job, his wife, his unborn child, and his self-respect. Like Batman once said – the World only makes sense if you force it to. The Joker forced himself to understand the ways of the world. And he broke.

If The Police Expect To Play Against The Joker, They’d Better Be Prepared To Be Dealt From The Bottom Of The Deck

The Joker plays the dirtiest tricks of all. He does not give a damn about children, women, or the elderly being caught in the crossfire. For him, the world is crazy, not the other way around.

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I’m Not Mad At All! I’m Just Differently Sane

Nicely put Mister J. The world will never understand what you mean. This is a story for another lifetime.

Madness is the Emergency Exit

If you find yourself trapped in a situation you would rather die than be in, it is time. Time for you to break out of that cage. And the only way to do that is by breaking yourself. Become something the enemy will never expect you to.

If I Weren’t Insane: I Couldn’t Be So Brilliant!

He could only cook up those brilliant schemes because of his lack of morals and his crazy ingenuity. Nobody else could do what the Joker can.

Both Of Us Trying To Find Meaning In A Meaningless World! Why Be A Disfigured Outcast When I Can Be A Notorious Crime God? Why Be An Orphaned Boy When You Can Be A Superhero?

The Joker just burned Batman. We don’t think even Mister Freeze will be of any help this time.

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The Real Joke Is Your Stubborn, Bone-Deep Conviction That Somehow, Somewhere, All Of This Makes Sense! That’s What Cracks Me Up Each Time!

All this while, it was not the Batman trying to show Joker the way. It was quite the opposite. The Joker was trying show Batman that all of this never made any sense.

A Single Tiny Candle, Shining In The Ugly Dark. I Laughed And Blew It Out.

The Joker does not care about pleasantries. He is no longer human. He will happily do the bloodiest acts and not even flinch.

You’ll Always Have Me To Dance With

And that about sums it up the dynamic between the Joker and Batman. The Dark Knight may have no one per se. He will always have the Joker to play.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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