Maisie Richardson-Sellers Talks Legends Of Tomorrow Exit

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Maisie Richardson-Sellers recently departed from DC’s well-known show Legends of Tomorrow. We have the latest update on Maisie’s exit from the show.


Maisie’s character in Legends of Tomorrow

Vixen in Legends of Tomorrow

Actor Maisie Richardson-Sellers exit was known well before the season five finale. We are waiting for the new season to come out, although that might be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.


However, her departure wasn’t just adhering to the show’s plot, but it was also meant to write her off from the show since she is leaving the show.

She has played several characters in the show including Charlie and a version of the Vixen.

The story behind her exit

Maisie Richardson-Sellers Exit
Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Her exit was in the runnings for about a year before she officially left the show. Maisie wants to embark on her own journey as a film-maker.

However, characters have known to come back to the show, so that window is always open for her.

The show’s co-runner Phil has expressed pride in the actor saying that she has more drive and determination than anyone he knows.


Maisie’s words on the exit

Maisie has shared a message on her Instagram addressing her friends, cast, and crew.

She has expressed her love for the cast and crew and has paid homage to the brilliant work done by the post-production staff.


She has thanked her fans for loving her and inspiring her through it all. Additionally, she has expressed love for her time on the show.



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