“Makes you wonder why previous directors have left”: Marvel’s Executive Nate Moore Reveals Criteria for Hiring Directors, Fans Take a Dig at Taika Waititi and Sam Raimi’s Recent MCU Movies

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A great number of Marvel movies and shows, if not all of them, are no doubt grand successes. But that isn’t simply due to the actors’ talent and popularity or the stunnignly impressive CGI and special effects that the films employ. It’s also majorly because the superhero franchise is especially meticulous when it comes to hiring the directors for its projects.


Marvel Studios has a very particular process for filtering in only those with the most skilled technique and expertise out of all their potential candidates, thereby selecting only the best of the best. Or so it seems.


One of the studio executives recently shared a detailed insight into what goes on behind recruiting MCU directors. But it looks like fans aren’t particularly pleased with said method through which the studio chooses people for a directorial position, claiming that they’re in turn bringing in some of the worst directors instead.


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Marvel VP Sheds Light on How the Studio Hires Directors

As the studio gears up for the commencement for Phase Five of the MCU with Ryan Coogler‘s Black Panther concluding the fourth phase, new blood is expected to be at the helm of the upcoming projects besides Marvel veterans. And Nate Moore recently explained just how this process of hiring new directors is carried out.

Speaking on the podcast The Town with Matthew Belloni, Marvel Studios’ Vice President of Production and Development, revealed how they look for two main aspects before signing on a new director, the first being “at least” some kind of “exceptional” achievement that the person has and secondly, they should be genuinely “passionate” about creating that particular film.


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Nate Moore
Nate Moore

“I think the things we look for, there are two things, I think, and in my experience this has been true. We look for filmmakers who have at least done something exceptional once, right? Because making a movie’s hard and sometimes a movie that someone is really invested in doesn’t come together for a lot of reasons that are in their control or out of their control. But, have they shown excellence? And are they passionate about making the movie that we want to make?” 

Moore, who was also a co-producer on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then noted the example of the Russo brothers and how tenaciosuly they worked on bringing together the 2014 Chris Evans-led film, claiming that “the filmmakers that are dying to do the movie” are often also the ones who are “always willing to roll with the punches, because they wanted to make the movie.” 

Fans Unabashedly Criticize Marvel’s Hiring Process for Directors

Sure, Marvel’s VP claims they have a flawless and top-notch procedure for determining just the most polished gems in the industry that would be capable of shepherding MCU projects. But fans seem to be of a solid disagreement as they remark what seems to be the superficial nature of this screening process.


Some are taking jabs at certain Marvel directors, namely Thor: Love and Thunder’s director Taika Waititi and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ filmmaker Sam Raimi, as they fire shots at their terrible work.

thor:love and thunder
Marvel fans take a dig at Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder

Meanwhile, others are pointing out how if the studio was really set on choosing just the best creative fits for directing their films and shows, then Phase Four of the MCU wouldn’t have been so poorly executed.

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Now that Phase Four has ended, here’s to hoping the new directors who will be coming onboard for the films and shows of the next phase will do justice to fans’ expectations.

Source: The Town with Matthew Belloni and The Direct on Twitter

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