“Mariah Carrey came to me crying”: Michael Jackson Exposed Music Industry and Sony’s “Evil” Ex-CEO Tommy Mottola With a Powerful Speech

Michael Jackson publicly slammed Sony's ex-CEO in his powerful speech!

"Mariah Carrey came to me crying": Michael Jackson Exposed Music Industry and Sony's "Evil" Ex-CEO Tommy Mottola With a Powerful Speech


  • In 2002, Michael Jackson publicly criticized Sony's ex-CEO during his "Killer Thriller Party" in London.
  • He bravely revealed the unsettling truth about the challenges faced by his friend Mariah Carey.
  • Jackson's truth on the music industry's dark side struck a chord with Carey's own silent battles.
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Michael Jackson wasn’t just a global icon, he also spoke up for what’s real. In 2002, he courageously exposed the unsettling reality that his friend Mariah Carey faced.


Known as the ‘Songbird Supreme’ by Guinness World Records, Carey is considered one of the best singers globally. Throughout her career, she and Jackson were close friends.

Michael Jackson in a still from Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson in a still from his music video of Smooth Criminal

Carey, with her heavenly voice, found herself in a tangled relationship with Tommy Mottola, which was more about control than love. Amidst his own tumultuous relationship with the industry, MJ shed light on the darker aspects of the songstress’ life with Mottola.


Michael Jackson’s Revealing Speech Exposed Sony’s ex-CEO

On June 15, 2002, Michael Jackson publicly criticized Sony and the music industry. He labeled Tommy Mottola, who was the former chairman and CEO of Sony, as ‘the devil’ during his ‘Killer Thriller Party’ in London.

Tommy Mottola
Tommy Mottola

The King of Pop talked about how Mariah Carey came to him crying after divorcing Mottola, saying he was “very very evil.” In 1993, Carey married the (then) CEO of Sony Music, but they divorced in 1998. The Moonwalker revealed in his speech (via mymjtribute’s YouTube channel):

“Mariah Carey, after divorcing Tommy, came to me crying. Crying. She was crying so badly I had to hold her. She said to me, ‘This is an evil man, and Michael, this man follows me.’ He taps her phones, and he’s very, very evil. She doesn’t trust him.”

Earlier that day, the pop star attended a protest organized by fans at the Sony Music offices in London. He also stressed in his speech that “The best is yet to come.”


Jackson’s openness about the dark side of the music industry, particularly how artists are exploited and manipulated, hit home for the now Mimi’s own silent battles.

His understanding and backing during Carey’s tough times not only showed the mutual respect between the two icons but also underscored the pervasive issues within the industry.

Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey’s Friendship is Still Alive

Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson had a close connection. They admired each other’s talents and held a deep respect for one another.


The It’s a Wrap star rendition of I’ll Be There, originally by the Jackson 5, was a touching tribute to the Indiana native’s influence. With her unique style, she showcased her amazing vocal abilities while honoring The Gloved One.

Michael Jackson in Remember That Time and Mariah Carey in Obsessed
Michael Jackson in Remember That Time and Mariah Carey in Obsessed

In 2002, Carey and Jackson teamed up with other artists for the charity song What More Can I Give. They also shared the stage during a charity concert for the song.

Following Jackson’s untimely death, Carey kept his memory alive through different means. At his memorial service, she sang her version of I’ll Be There. In interviews, she spoke warmly about him, praising his influence on music and pop culture.


Carey also honored him with performances and joined tributes to ensure that his legacy always lives. That is why the 6-time Grammy Awardee still visits the grave of the Billie Jean star to this day.


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